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Development and support for aspiring extreme and adventure sports athletes.

Tapping into EXTREME’s vast experience and access within the extreme and adventure sports space, the Centres of Excellence provides all the support needed in the growth and development of the skills and competencies of athletes from grassroots to elite within extreme sports.
Under the guidance of highly experienced and certified coaches in world-class training facilities with technologically advanced equipment and support services, athletes undergo both group and individualised talent development programmes. Accessibility for all, development of grassroot and delivery on elite performance are the fundamental objectives. 


These multi-disciplined centres can breathe life into under-utilised locations whilst satisfying government and local authority’s requirements for community growth, development and engagement, valuable inward investment, job creation and improvements to local population health and lifestyle indexes.


Education and development are not only focused on the athletes but also on the coaches. The centres can become education hubs for training and examination for multi-discipline, multi-level, internationally recognised coaching and officials training.

Fuelled by our vision to drive positive change, our Centres of Excellence are designed and developed to leave a lasting legacy; creating world class performance and a development pathway with measurable success throughout the journey for athletes, coaches and communities to cultivate a lasting relationship with the sport.

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