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EXTREME stands at the forefront of adventure, fuelled by a powerful purpose:
To drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports.

Managing one of the largest and most influential online adventure travel communities our sustainable led approach covers a spectrum of services:

As architects of adventure Extreme leads in the planning and development of destinations through to the operation of experiences, camps, and boutique hotels.

Our social media publishing house excels in social media management and skilfully crafting compelling stories that forge unprecedented connections between brands and consumers.

Across events our team orchestrate awe-inspiring events that not only captivate fans and drive engagement for brands but also champion sustainability and adventure.

From tourism boards to destination developers, marketing agencies to global brands our clients are all looking for our fresh innovative approach.

Extreme Destinations






Extreme Events





Extreme Media





Delivering impact through sustainably driving an active healthy lifestyle, sport participation, health by stealth, job creation, infrastructure investment, support local communities and tourism.

Thank you to our community of clients

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