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Heritage Background



So, it’s been an incredible journey to date with the best yet to come…….

With a passion for action sports, a love of nature and the outdoors Alistair Gosling and Tom Hutton saw the growing hunger for extreme and adventure sports and founded Extreme in the mid-1990s. Initially they set out to create content and manage the new generation of athletes and events that were fast gaining popularity globally. Then identifying an untapped niche, the idea for The Extreme Sports Channel was born and after eighteen months of securing investment the channel launched on the 1st of May 1999 with backing from UPC and Liberty Media. With its unique blend of 24/7 action, entertainment and attitude, EXTREME experienced explosive growth and quickly became the #1 action and adventure sport media brand for millions of enthusiasts around the world.

In 2009, recognizing the shift in consumer viewing behaviour toward digital media, EXTREME International acquired the EXTREME brand and pivoted away from mainstream TV. Implementing a new strategy, the brand diversified and today are running a sustainable led spectrum of services:

As architects of adventure Extreme leads in the planning and development of adventure tourism destinations through to the operation of experiences, camps, and boutique hotels.

Our social media publishing house manages one of the world’s most influential online adventure travel communities with approaching 20 million fans and excels in social media management and skilfully crafting compelling stories that forge unprecedented connections between brands and consumers.

Our events team orchestrate awe-inspiring events that not only captivate fans and drive engagement for brands but also champion sustainability and adventure. 

Rad Season


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