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Adventure Sports and Extreme Sports - also called Action Sports - are not like mainstream sports. They are crawling with rebels, riders, drivers and rock stars. It's not about uniforms, coaches or scripts. Expressing yourself through action is the key. It’s an attitude, a way of life, even a religion. Once you're in, you're in for life.


Here at EXTREME we have a whole host of cutting edge data and insights that have been built up over the last 25 years. If you have a question or are looking for specific information, then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help if we can. As a starting point, here is a complete list of adventure and extreme sports across Earth, Water, Snow, Ice and Air.


Skateboarding, Longboarding, Mountain Boarding, Sandboarding, Mountain Karting, Drifting, BMX, Motocross, FMX, Aggressive Inline Skating, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Mountain Biking, Caving, Slacklining, Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Free Climbing, Bouldering, Mountaineering, Parkour, Land kiting, Zorbing, Obstacle Course Racing, Ziplining, Tyrolean Traverse, Via Ferrata, Heli Biking, Backcountry Horse Riding, ATV Off Roading, Tree Top Ropes Course, Mountain Coaster, Mountain Luge, Orienteering, Canyoning, Gorge Walking, Pump Track, Off Road E-Bikes, Pole Vaulting, Fierste Ljepper


Surfing, Waterskiing, Body Boarding, Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Cave diving, Flowboarding, Paddle surfing / Stand up paddling, Kayaking, Cliff Jumping, Coasteering, Scuba Diving, Knee Boarding, White Water Rafting, Skim Boarding, Jet Skiing, Flyboarding/Jetboarding, Jet Boating, Free Diving, Sailing, Sub Wing

Snow and Ice

Snowboarding, Skiing, Ice Climbing, Snowmobiling, Snow Kiting, Monoskiing, Snowblading, Heli Skiing, Glacier Trekking, Ski Touring, Ice Driving, Sledding/Tobogganing, Snow Tubing, Winter Mountaineering, Luge, Cross Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Dog Sledding


Base Jumping, Sky Diving, Wing Suiting, Bungee Jumping, Highlining, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Micro Lighting, Canyon Swing, Sling Shot, Giant Swing


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Roll on, grind on, slide on! Skateboarding is one of the most popular and competitive board sports in the world. Ruthless attitude, gravity defying tricks and raw asphalt, shape the picture around skateboarding.

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Gliding downhill, with increasing speed whilst seamlessly taking the curves of impressive serpentine roads down a valley is probably the closest feeling to flying without ever leaving the ground . This is longboarding.

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Who would’ve thought that you could snowboard where there's no snow! Sandboarding is the sweaty & sandy alternative to skating, surfing and snowboarding and is guaranteed to be a blast! Just keep in mind, that you will probably pour half the desert out of your boots after sliding down those steep dunes.

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A thrilling extreme sport and lesser-known cousin of skate & snowboarding, is seeking for terrain challenges that start where the paved road ends. Making no stop before mud, rocks and other obstacles, it’s a true off-road sport. So prepare to get muddy.

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An adrenaline pumping sport involving a group of mates going out of control off-road and downhill on trikes. Reach high speeds and complete drifts as you battle against your opponents on the treacherous landscape.

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Burnt rubber, dense smoke and pulsing adrenaline are the essential ingredients of a proper drifting race. Extremely close calls with an overwhelming pace, trigger the enthusiasm worldwide amongst drivers and fans. Drifting truly is as extreme as it gets!

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This has nothing to do with the average nursing home excursion of your grandma along Dutch easy-rider cycling routes. BMX has hit the top list of popular extreme sports, where athletes are constantly trying to outdo one another through crazier and higher reaching tricks.

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Roaring motors, muddy bikes and raw territory - motocross doesn’t care about obstacles, makes no halt at big airtime and definitely is as blunt as it gets. Jumping over huge ramps and mastering difficult race courses, quickly replaces any sign of fear with a huge adrenaline rush.

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Freestyle Motocross or FMX, is the even more acrobatic version of motocross where it’s all about the airtime and how you’re spending it. Gravity defying spins, impressive stunts and scary heights are a must!

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For Aggressive Inline Skating the athletes use special equipment to get more air, rail time and dizzy spins. This sport is especially demanding and even more impressive to watch. Control is the key. Once you lose it, be prepared for some painful landing. Asphalt shows no mercy.

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Rushing down steep muddy hills and mountains at an incredible speed whilst accurately slaloming around trees, roots, rocks and seemingly bottomless cliffs. The coordination, pace and adrenaline rush is why the sport is becoming so popular.

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Rise and ride across multiple terrains on endurance bikes. Will you be able to keep your concentration? It's tough and will push you to the limit. Cross country mountain biking is the perfect sport to do to escape the city!

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Caving is not for people with a claustrophobic tendency. Climbing through the dark abyss, moist air, gloomy shapes and echoes of falling rocks create an intensively intimidating atmosphere. Make sure to always keep track of your routes, otherwise you’ll get lost in the depths of these endless caves.

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Ziplining is now a global experience and the closest feeling to flying you can get. Let gravity do its work and zip you down the line at high speeds. Just don't close your eyes or you could miss some spectacular sights.

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Slacklining requires the athlete to have balance and skill, which is the difference between life & death. The daredevils performing this extreme sport have found various different styles, from highlining between cliffs to performing impressive tricks and spins most people wouldn’t even be able to execute on the ground.

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Abseiling, Rappelling, House Running, are all different ways to describe getting down a cliff, mountain or a house whilst using a rope. A technique that is usually taught and applied by the military was turned into the ultimate extreme sport for adrenaline junkies.

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Rock climbing, as the name implies, is all about conquering the most difficult, steep, spiky and sketchy rock formations. You will need a lot of body control and a skilled eye on which hold to grab and which one might be loose. Can you trust your judgement?

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Thought that Rock Climbing is as extreme as it gets? Imagine climbing up these formations with your bare hands, without a rope, without a safety, knowing that any little mistake can be punished with a deep drop. Welcome to Free Climbing. The daredevils executing this sport have mastered their climbing skills to the fullest extent and need to stay focused constantly. It's not about speed, but control, concentration and ultimately survival

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Bouldering is the version of rock climbing where the athletes challenge their skills on a pre-installed course. But don’t trick yourself, these courses do not make it easier and require as much control, strength and concentration as the outdoor courses do. Through numerous modifications, different levels of difficulty, vertical slopes and overhangs, bouldering courses test the athletes’ ability to the fullest.

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Moutaineering is the activity of hiking and climbing the most difficult mountains, glaciers, cliffs or courses whilst adding a certain level of speed to the formula. Whilst some people define the difficulty by the height of the object to be climbed, mountaineers seek the ultimate challenge. Intense blizzards, strong storms, steep hills, bottomless abysses; the unfriendlier the conditions, the stronger the motivation to master the course.

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Parkour is a relatively new member to the extreme sports family but is becoming quite popular all over the world. At its core, it is about overcoming obstacles in a fast, acrobatic and flawless manner. Mostly done in urban areas, Parkour artists climb and run building structures, rails and huge gaps trying to defy gravity and expectations of impressed bystanders.

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Land Kiting, Kite Landboarding, Flyboarding or Kite Boarding is an extreme board sport whilst holding a kite handle. Blown by the wind never found such literal application and just like Wakeboarding, this sport allows you some incredible airtime that gives loads of time and room for impressive movements. Big heights, long jumps and the feeling of being taken away by the wind makes you feel like a superhero on wheels.

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Zorbing comes in many ways and is ridiculously fun to watch and play. It pretty much describes any activity done in a giant, air-filled ball and ranges from football to rolling downhill to being towed by boats and jet skis. Due to the cushion effect of the ball you will feel no pain of falling, crashing or colliding, which enables you to go full power.

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Obstacle course events are set across a range of terrains from deserts to mountains. Being based in stunning locations and using the natural terrain to its advantage – the courses feature treacherous obstacle challenges including monkey bars, rope swings, ice pits and many more surprises. Throughout the course competitors must prepare to run, climb, haul, leap, slide and crawl as they stampede round the obstacle track.

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Whether it's above roaring waterfalls, steep glaciers, never-ending crevasses or bottomless cliffs, Tyrolean Traversing is one hell of an experience. Strap in and pull yourself along a line stretching across an awe-inspiring location. Just take your time and enjoy the view.

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Ever wanted to make your hike more challenging? Try a Via Ferrata in the Alps or other breathtaking location for some more harder routes, where paths disappear, requiring you to strap yourself onto a line and traverse huge gaps along cliff edges. 

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Say no to chairlifts and catch a ride in a helicopter! Heli biking is perfect for searching and discovering new lines, exploring whole new terrains and turning the mountain into your canvas.

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Backcountry horse riding can be tough and extreme. Travel to Montana, work on a ranch, saddle up and let your inner cowboy come out! Exploring the world on horseback is a unique experience. But make it extreme and get towed by your friend while you wakeboard. 

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Mud, fuel, grit, speed and laughs, ATV's will certainly make your weekend more interesting. With millions of trails and spots, the world is your oyster, rent an ATV and tear up some dunes with your friends. 

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Reach incredibly high vantage points with tree top rope courses. Rope courses provide a range of obstacles, challenging you to push yourself further than ever before. 

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These coaster karts may look tame but they can go very fast. Pick a coaster in a mountainous region to have the ultimate experience. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and reach speeds you have never experienced before.

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Unlike mountain coasters, mountain luge gives you the opportunity to race your friends. Expect collisions, crashes and sketchy overtakes as you all race to the finish line at the bottom of the mountain. 

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Orienteering is a term used across a range of sports. It involves using a compass and map to navigate across different terrains with specific checkpoints that participants need to reach.

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Canyoning can also be used across a variety of activities. Whether you are abseiling down a waterfall in Venezuela, canyon swinging through an arch in Arizona or jumping off a cliff into a lake in Montenegro, canyoning will change your life forever. 

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Gorge walking is the perfect city escape. Gorge walking is particularly common in Spain, where on some gorge walks you will be required to strap yourself into a harness to attempt some difficult sections.

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Specifically designed for skateboarders, scooters, MTB and BMX, pump tracks present a variety of different obstacles for these riders. Pump along the track and burms to generate enough speed and momentum to hit the jumps and other features. 

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Don't feel like pedalling? Get yourself an electric mountain bike. The LMX bikes can reach high speeds and enable you to ride for longer. Charge over night and then hit the trails from sunrise until sunset.

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Pole Vaulting may not jump (excuse the pun) out as an extreme sport but there are many factors that makes the activity very risky. There is the potential for the poles to snap or for one to overshoot the mat, making the sport extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Would you give it a go? 

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One long jumping stick, a steep slope to launch off and water creating the huge gap between banks, what could possibly go wrong? Fierste Ljepper is the oldest extreme sport in the Netherlands, where athletes have to jump onto the stick, and as they vault across the water they need to climb it, to reach the other side of the river. If you make it to the other side, you win!


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Surfing or Waveriding implies the riding of waves on a surfboard and is considered one of the most addictive extreme sports. At the end, it all comes down to the right timing & balance. Catching the right moment and the perfect wave is all you will you will constantly strive for.



Water skiing involves being towed by a boat or crane with a rope and a handle either on one ski or two.  The ultimate aim is to stay above the waterline whilst slicing through the water at great speed and shifting your weight to keep your balance. 

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Body boarding needs a special board which is smaller but wider in size, than a surf board. Contrary to surfing, you would lie flat on the board, trying to catch the right timing to swim with the wave. If you catch it in the right moment, it carries you away but if you miss it, you’re facing the full power of the wave crushing you.

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Wakeboarding describes being towed behind a crane or boat whilst standing on a board. Shifting weight and building up pressure to gain great air time and the ability to impress with tricks and spins is the ultimate goal. The speed, the air and even some floating fun boxes increases the difficulty but also ability to perform.

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The wind is your engine. Get ready for some huge airtime that gives you room for some incredible movements and makes you forget that gravity exists. But watch out, the higher you jump the harder the landing. Without an eye for the waves and a sense for the wind, it’s going to cost you a lot of patience. Kitesurfers are standing on a surfboard whilst holding the kite and it takes serious power to tame the kite.

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Kiteboarding is comparable to Kite surfing, but makes use of a board the rider is attached to. The shorter and more edgy design of the board gives the athlete more control and aims for tricks and spins rather than riding waves. But don’t fool yourself, the wind will make you accelerate very quickly. Lose control and it is going to drag you along the coastline.

Image credit to Surf Gear Ltd

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Windsurfing is the art of riding a surfboard with a sail attached, that allows the athlete to use the wind in order to gain speed and jump waves. The daredevil windsurfers not only ride the waves, but use them as ramps and aren't scared easily. Be cautious though as the wind doesn’t have breaks and knows no stop button.

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As the name implies, cave diving is all about entering these dark abysses which only see the light of flashlights of those daring to enter them. The worlds unveiled by these lights seem like a different planet and are incredibly complex. Make sure to always keep up your sense of orientation. These caves are the last place on earth you want to get lost in.

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Flow boarding is the surfing on “stationary” waves, that are either created artificially or are occurring all the time due to certain rock formations below. Many water parks make use of them and offer flow boarding as a way to ride them. These boards are mostly designed in a more simplistic manner that enables easy handling and fast access to the wave.

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Paddle surfing can be compared to regular surfing with a paddle that enables more control and more agile movements, whilst riding the waves.

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Kayaking can be all about paddling on a beautiful lake with a great panorama. And then there’s the extreme version. Incredible speed, sparky rocks, and deep drops leave no room for enjoying the view. A constant control of your Kayak is crucial as you take on unexplored river gorges and uncharted rapids

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As the name implies, cliff jumpers take on tremendously high cliffs and jump down like it’s the spring board of your average kiddies’ pool. But as you can imagine, there’s more to it. Apart from ignoring any sort of vertigo one needs to prove some strong body tension, because if you hit that surface of the water you better be in the right position. 

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Coasteering or Canyoning describes the movement along a course, cliff or coast that involves different obstacles to overcome. From waterfalls to raging rivers to slippy rocks and steep cliffs, this is an exciting way to discover a whole new side of the coast or gorge. Just don't lose your grip.

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Scuba Diving is all about discovering the world beneath the surface of the sea, a place that most people only see through their TV Screens. Unveiling the secrets hidden in the depth and the fact, that only fractions are known about what lies deep down creates a desire to experience it by oneself. But beware of the ruthless animal kingdom down there. You are entering their habitat.

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For Knee Boarding, the athlete is kneeling on a board that is comparable to the shape of a wakeboard. The lower position and direct attachment to the board enables better balance and control whilst being towed by a boat or crane. Shifting your weight allows you to take on the curves.

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White Water Rafting describes the riding of a boat or raft downstream. These rivers carry a huge amount of water and push the raft down the stream at an incredible pace. Constant concentration and a lot of rowing is required in order to avoid crashing into deadly obstacles like spiky rocks. 

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Skim Boarding is the “Freestyle”-focused version of surfing / waveriding, where a smaller and more agile board is being used in order to ride along or on a wave to the coast. The size of the board enables more flexibility and faster movements that lets its rider react to any turns of the wave. Rather used in the shallow waters, a skim board is used on lower waves that are not necessarily easier to ride. As they crash on the ground it is even harder to read them, so read carefully, the ground is not far from the surface.

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Riding an engine powered Jet Ski is the ultimate adrenaline rush. With an incredible average top speed of 75 miles per hour, these beasts are nothing to joke with. Reckless races or even freestyle competitions make the riders face each other in impressive contests. But watch out, the faster you ride it, the further you fly.

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Relatively new to the game, flyboarders use turbines that pump up water from the sea and push it out again in order to create a strong boost that vaults them in the air. It feels and looks like it's out of a sci-fi movie and allows you to do mind bending spins and flips. But make sure to learn how to handle it, otherwise you will fly around like a dropped showerhead.

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Jet boating will take you on a wild ride. Explore narrow river gorges, jaw-dropping drifts and turns around treacherous cliffs. Meander around rocks and dodge obstacles down the rapids. All this with 450+ horsepower under your seat. Buckle up, you are in for a treat.

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Free diving involves holding your breath underwater for long periods of time while you explore reefs, caves, sea life, shipwrecks etc. without using any breathing apparatus i.e. scuba diving gear. Vertical Blue is a free diving competition. Watch it live via the "Learn more" button.

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High winds = High knots! Extreme sailing is one of the most exhilarating sports in the world. With the keel sticking out of the water at all angles, these boats travel at speed in all conditions. Get your crew together and prepare to set sail on unknown waters this year!

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A Subwing is two rotatable wings bolted together. The rider rotates the wings independently of each other to steer and manoeuvre the subwing. A boat tows you at a gentle speed and you can change direction by tilting the wings. If you tilt the wings downwards you will dive and vice versa. If you tilt the wings in opposite directions the subwing will roll allowing you to create some spins.