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Unlock Your Online Potential With Our Expert Social Media Management Services

Extreme social team specialises in professional management services across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Our comprehensive offerings include expertise in design, curation, editing, posting, and community management. Leveraging our deep understanding of these platforms, we deliver a comprehensive and impactful approach to social media management for our clients.

Distinguished as a reliable ally, Extreme is the go-to choice for businesses, brands and individuals aiming to unlock the full potential of these platforms. With a proven track record in executing successful social campaigns, we currently boast a substantial following of approaching 20 million across our owned pages, are driving a monthly growth of 250,000 followers and achieve 200 million views monthly.


We offer a comprehensive range of social media services to enhance your brand's presence on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Our seasoned experts specialise in developing platform-specific strategies that captivate your audience. Whether it's crafting engaging content for TikTok, optimizing hashtags for visibility on Instagram, or running campaigns on Facebook, we ensure your brand shines on every front.

Our expertise covers content scheduling, conversion tracking, and user growth, delivering remarkable results across these dynamic social media platforms. Let's embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook for your brand.



Boost your brand on Facebook with EXTREME International's expert social media management services. We specialise in comprehensive Facebook page management, strategic content scheduling, and precise ads management. Our audience targeting, engagement strategies, and in-depth business insights ensure your brand reaches its full potential. From video optimisation to post boosting and community building, we're your partner in every aspect of Facebook marketing. Let us take your event promotion, group management, and remarketing to the next level,. With a keen eye on conversion tracking and brand awareness, our influencer collaborations and detailed analytics guarantee a strong online presence. We focus on post frequency, organic reach, and campaign ROI to ensure your Facebook marketing delivers results.

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Unlock the immense potential of TikTok with our expert social media marketing services. Our dedicated team specialises in TikTok management services, developing a comprehensive TikTok content strategy, and employing growth tactics to supercharge your channel. We utilise analytics, viral challenges, and hashtag strategies to optimise your videos for the best results. Our expertise isn't just about getting views; it's about TikTok for business, algorithm insights, user engagement, brand promotion, and strategic account management. 



We're experts in Instagram management and crafting content that captivates your audience. Engagement tactics is one of our main focuses which in return delivers impressive results. We excel in Instagram advertising, story strategies, and comprehensive analytics. Our hashtag optimisation ensures maximum reach and follower growth. We're experts in the Instagram algorithm, photo optimisation and videos for better performance. We can elevate your business profile, integrate shopping features, and craft captivating captions. 

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If you want to optimise your YouTube presence with services such as video SEO, content strategy, subscriber growth, and engagement tactics then we are the answer. We can help with the likes of thumbnail design to keyword research and video editing.  Our strategies ensure monetisation, collaboration, and audience retention, all while leveraging YouTube's algorithm and SEO tools for maximum impact.

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