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Driving Positive Change Through Extreme and Adventure Sports

As world leaders in our field and run by a deeply experienced team, we are recognised for our creative vision and entrepreneurial flair in designing, developing, managing and operating placemaking indoor and outdoor extreme and adventure sports parks, hotels and mixed-use developments.
Underpinned and marketed by the EXTREME brand our offers encompass accommodation, food & beverage, retail and a variety of action and adventure experiences that appeal to people of all ages and abilities.
EXTREME’s offer supports key government agendas including sport, health, wellbeing, education, job creation, infrastructure development and tourism. This is driven by the global growth in the adventure sports and lifestyle sector and the rapidly changing consumer demand for more inspiring and experiential based activities.
Working to unlock the full potential of each destination and magnifying value for all stakeholders, EXTREME breathes life into under-utilised locations, maximising engagement and footfall for each project, delivering valuable inward investment and job creation and significantly enhancing any communities involved.

EXTREME has well-established international relationships with governments and institutional funding, considerable experience in public private partnerships and will invest in and introduce capital for the right project. 

The EXTREME destinations offering covers the following segments;

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Designing, developing and operating the most extraordinary extreme and adventure sports parks and destinations.

Underpinned and marketed by our unique brand and ever growing community, EXTREME's adventure sports parks can be interwoven with accommodation, retail and food & beverage and activities. They appeal to people of all ages and abilities and are supported by our athletes, events and media.



Development and operation of incredible, sustainable adventure accommodation and experiences in awe-inspiring locations. 

With an affinity to explore new cultures and a passion for adventure, EXTREME offers the new generation of travelers a base to experience the extraordinary. Found in locations that inspire exploration and adventure, some are way off the beaten track, whilst others have excellent connections to the world. 


Development and support for aspiring extreme and adventure sports athletes.

Tapping into EXTREME’s vast experience and access within the extreme and adventure sports space, the Centres of Excellence provides all the support needed in the growth and development of the skills and competencies of athletes from grassroots to elite within extreme sports. 

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Expert advice, strategy, positioning, planning, development and operations across extreme and adventure sports tourism and destination projects.

As adventure architects; sports and lifestyle are in our DNA. Recognised for our strategic vision, industry insights and run by a deeply experienced team, our strategy support is focused, flexible and powerful.

Thank you to our community of clients

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Adventure Tourism Strategy



Support, Integrate, Consider, Unlock

The Development Process

The ingredients required to achieve a successfully delivered project are widespread and include exciting creative, practical master planning, quality design, sound market analysis, accurate financial projections, specialised management and operational expertise, commercial know-how and a fundamental understanding of the local environment and industry. 
By working with EXTREME, clients benefit by saving time, money and energy, as we consistently add value at every stage of the project. 
To enable an EXTREME Destination to be developed successfully, we have a tried and tested process, with each phase being carefully planned to allow the development to progress in a structured and controlled manner, vertically integrating the entire team into the process.


Action, Adventure & Fun

Extreme and adventure sports are not all about people doing crazy and adrenaline fueled activities. Not everyone is born with the necessary skillset or passion to base jump, solo climb or big wave surf. There has to be a starting point, an inspiration and a desire to learn the basics first. Within each of our destinations, we ensure there is an adventurous experience for everyone to explore their own limits, whether they are 3 years old or 83 years old. EXTREME have devised a categorisation system to easily classify each type of extreme and adventure sports. 

ACTION: Considered to be more risky and individualistic, requiring a level of skill that takes prior knowledge, practice and training. Participating in this type of extreme sport as a novice can be achieved, if part of a tandem set up with an instructor or skilled individual.


ADVENTURE: Offering an element of ‘risk’ but perfectly safe under controlled conditions. Participants should have a basic understanding and skill level to carry out the activity, but would more than likely need to have an instructor or skilled individual assist.


FUN: Less risky than those categorised under Action or Adventure. Participation in these activities does not require as much, if any, training or preparation and can be performed by almost any abled body. More often than not, these activities can be carried out independently.


Take a look at our List of Extreme and Adventure Sports to see how many you can tick off, or perhaps would like to add to your bucket list.



"We engaged EXTREME to conduct an in-depth adventure tourism destination analysis and strategy plan for the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

EXTREME were particularly innovative and efficient in the way they carried out their work, and the level of detail and depth of their study surpassed our expectations. Their recommendations on new experiences and products were inspirational and the combinations of suggested clusters made commercial and operational sense. Overall, we were extremely happy with their approach to the requirements whilst accommodating our requests. The booklet that was issued at the end of the study was regularly referenced in internal meetings and provided clear guidance and a strategy framework for our future development, not just across adventure tourism, but the wider hospitality and leisure offering. I would gladly recommend, work with and engage EXTREME across adventure tourism and extreme sports projects."

— Mr Haitham Matter, CEO Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority



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