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Development and operation of incredible, sustainable adventure accommodation and experiences in awe-inspiring locations.

Underpinned by our unique brand and ever growing community, approaching 20 million fans, EXTREME Hospitality offers a bespoke range of environmentally inspired accommodation, operating across:

Hotels & Resorts


Lodges & Pods


Tents & Treehouses


Sailboats & Liveaboards

With an affinity to explore new cultures and a passion for adventure, EXTREME offers the new generation of travellers a base to experience the extraordinary. Found in locations that inspire exploration and adventure, some are way off the beaten track, whilst others have excellent connections to the world. 
Setting EXTREME Hospitality apart and central to our offer are the extreme and adventure sports experiences, with equal emphasis on the hospitality elements.


Extreme Hospitality – Real Estate Partners - REAL OPPORTUNITIES

EXTREME are actively searching for distinctive properties and development opportunities to expand our increasing pipeline of adventure, activity and lifestyle-led hotels, resorts and experiential accommodation offerings.

We want to collaborate and work with like-minded and dynamic real estate owners, investors, developers, and brokers in seeking out and creating our next awe-inspiring adventure destination, through acquisitions, development partnerships, operational contracts, or brand franchises.  

Join us on our journey in driving positive change through extreme and adventure sports.

Why Partner with EXTREME?

There is massive growth in adventure sports activities and experiences driven by Covid, tech and the Olympics. Tap into this growing trend with us.


We are pioneers in the sector, embodying it through our unique brand, vibrant community of nearly 20 million fans and social reach of over 200 million video views per month. You will benefit from the extensive support of EXTREME's integrated services, including Media, Events, and Marketing.

Owners and Investors

We have extensive experience across feasibility & strategy, product positioning, planning & development, and operations. We are experts at maximising value in underutilised areas or properties by capitalising on the natural assets and diversifying the income streams to provide unique revenue generation. Targeted programming offers access to new market segments increasing footfall, NOI, and associated value.

We are flexible and entrepreneurial in our approach, with investment structures or operational agreements based on your specific goals and investment requirements or criteria.


If you are interested to receive our Extreme Hospitality Brochure email us on

Agents & Brokers

We are always looking to work with local agents, brokers and buy side advisors in areas that lend themselves to extreme and adventure sports.  Please contact us if you would like to collaborate in seeking out the next Extreme Destination.

What we are searching for….

The EXTREME offer encompasses:  experiential accommodation, boutique adventure hotels and adventure resorts.

  • Experiential Accommodation: Remote or rural locations with captivating landscapes for the development of semi-permanent tented camps, treehouses, eco-lodges, and pods.

  • Boutique Adventure Hotels: Unique assets with character near vibrant villages, towns or cities with potential for extreme or adventure sports nearby. We are looking for properties that could benefit from a rebrand, retrofit, and proactive management.

  • Adventure Resorts: Developments, re-developments or re-branding existing resorts with direct access to coasts or landscapes suitable for 4/5 adventure activities. Ideally with the potential for 75+ keys.

If you have such an opportunity or for more information reach out to the Extreme Destinations team.

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