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Developing a collection of adventure lifestyle hospitality assets in unique locations around the world.

Underpinned by our unique brand and ever growing community, approaching 20 million fans, EXTREME Hospitality offers a bespoke range of environmentally inspired accommodation, operating across four unique property styles:
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EXTREME Explorer

Overland & Sea Experiences

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Wilderness & Protected Area Camps

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EXTREME Boutique

Adventure & Culture Hotels

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Lifestyle Eco-Adventures

With an affinity to explore new cultures and a passion for adventure, EXTREME offers the new generation of travellers a base to experience the extraordinary. Found in locations that inspire exploration and adventure, some are way off the beaten track, whilst others have excellent connections to the world. 
Setting EXTREME Hospitality apart and central to our offer are the extreme and adventure sports experiences, with equal emphasis on the hospitality elements.

We are actively searching for unique properties and development opportunities to expand our growing pipeline of adventure, activity, and lifestyle-focused hotels, resorts, and experiential accommodation. We collaborate with like-minded partners to find and create our next awe-inspiring adventure. To find out more please click here.

We create hospitality experiences that bring guests closer to people and planet. Driving positive behavioural change and building memories that will last a lifetime.

We believe in the future of sustainable “activity-centric” hospitality offerings, supported by events, entertainment, marketing and media to offer our motivated community exceptional experiences.

As a brand with roots in the world of extreme sports and media we have a unique opportunity to engage an audience looking for sustainable, unique, shareable experiences that fulfil them on a personal level while giving them a platform for profile building content to share on a social level.

Our Hospitality has the opportunity to bring these values, ethics and desires together, creating unique experiences that our guests will remember for the rest of their lives.



A fully mobile and `leave no trace´ overland offering, providing travellers with the flexibility to explore multiple locations and to immerse themselves in the local culture and environment in remote or wilderness areas.


Guests can experience a variety of specialized activities, local culinary experiences, and landscapes, from mountains and deserts to forests and beaches, while enjoying a deep sense of adventure and freedom.

Ideal for those seeking adventure whether alone or as part of a group from 2-14 nights.

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Whether in semi-permanent tented camps, fully mobile camps, tree houses, eco-lodges, pods or liveaboard boats, the EXTREME Remote properties unlock access to the most captivating natural landscapes and provide a rich experience through thrilling adventure activities.


Designed to enhance the location through extended adventure products and enabling accessibility to nature's most diverse settings with little to no footprint for 1-3 nights.


Unique adventure lifestyle destination hotels located in unrivaled urban, rural or remote settings providing an escape from routine, with restorative adventure, health and wellness offerings.


Guests will have access to a thrilling and diverse range of outdoor and indoor sports, urban adventures, wellness and ecotourism experiences.

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Mixed-use facilities with a focus on action, adventure and fun offerings in unrivalled natural settings. A full service facility with diverse and adaptable accommodation, F&B, retail, training and skills development including equipment hire and servicing.

The resorts would be located within 1 hour of key demand drivers and have direct access to coasts or landscapes suitable for extreme and adventure activities.


EXTREME are actively searching for distinctive properties and development opportunities to expand our increasing pipeline of adventure, activity and lifestyle-led hotels, resorts and experiential accommodation offerings.

We collaborate and work with like-minded and dynamic real estate owners, investors, developers, and brokers in seeking out and creating our next awe-inspiring adventure.

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