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For tourism boards and destination developers to global brands and leading marketing agencies, our clients are all looking for a differentiated, fresh, and innovative approach to social media management, brand, event, and tourism marketing.

With one of the largest and most influential online adventure travel communities out there we run a highly successful social media publishing studio that excels at crafting and distributing compelling stories that forge unprecedented connections between your brand and consumers. Our captivating action and adventure sports, travel and lifestyle entertainment is delivered daily to our highly engaged social community of approaching 20 million fans, we hit over 200m video views every month and recorded more than 2 billion video views in 2022.


Social Media Management

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Advertising and sponsorship

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Fast Channel Management


Creative & Production


Providing a comprehensive social media management service that encompasses strategy development, meticulous planning, content creation, and day-to-day management of social media channels.

In executing operations on behalf of our clients, we deploy a diverse array of tools and strategies designed to optimize their social media impact. Our operational proficiency and in-depth experience across social platforms enable us to apply insights and actions from successfully managing our own thriving social publishing venture. This expertise allows us to enhance and expand our clients' social presence, moving seamlessly from fostering engagement to building a dedicated fan base and growing their following.

Our dedicated team comprises seasoned channel managers, social producers, editors, and curators—specialists immersed in the social landscape on a daily basis. This collective expertise is brought to bear on every project, while also harnessing the full reach Extreme’s own social pages to drive audience growth and engagement for our clients.


Our in-house creative team deliver effective advertising solutions for destinations and brands. Whether it’s through one of our inspirational adventure travel series, or a weekly action show such as Mega Viral people, we welcome the opportunity to fulfil your campaign objectives by connecting you to your target audience with authentic storytelling on social.


At the heart of our endeavours lies the commitment to produce video content that transcends the ordinary. Our pursuit of excellence is woven into every frame, resulting in award-winning creations that captivate both clients and enthusiasts. Recognizing that your content is the narrative of your brand, we specialize in story led creativity that sparks passionate engagement. Our expertise covers adventure travel, action sports, tech and tourism, where our impassioned team curate distinct and compelling digital and social content. From narrative-driven films and audacious stunts to worldwide live events, factual showcases we craft content that not only resonates with your audience but also elevates your brand.

Encompassing a vast distribution network, we ensure that your investment receives optimal exposure. Our global connections and presence across social media, cable, satellite, and network broadcast platforms guarantee that your content reaches the widest possible audience. Your success is our priority, and we orchestrate a symphony of strategies to maximize both your investment and visibility.

Our portfolio serves as a testament to our proficiency, featuring a diverse array of projects ranging from breathtaking social media campaigns to impactful live productions. Delve into our case studies for a glimpse into the myriad ways in which our creative prowess has manifested itself, showcasing the depth of our capabilities.



In addition to managing our own channels, we partner with top content owners to offer a comprehensive turnkey FAST channel management solution. Our services cover all aspects, from channel launch and schedule planning, to playout, technical operations and management, compliance, distribution, and monetization. Leveraging our existing direct and programmatic advertising solutions, we are well positioned to generate advertising and sponsorship sales revenues from launch.

Through our social media publishing division, which boasts nearly 20 million fans, we have a powerful tool to cross-promote and market our partner channels, driving engagement and revenue. Backed by over 25 years of experience in the media sector, our team brings extensive expertise, established industry relationships, and proven technical and creative skills in production, branding, and marketing.

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EXTREME is a leading operator of a collection of successful FAST channels, (Free advertising funded streaming). These channels are available worldwide on smart TVs and OTT platforms such as; Samsung, LG, Virgin Media, Roku, Hisense, Netgem TV, Freeview, Amazon Fire TV, Philips, and Sony. Our channels entertain viewers worldwide and cover adventure sports, tech and comedy.

We launched our current channels; Unreel and Auto Allstars in November 2021 and are expanding the number of channels throughout 2023.

Thank you to our community of clients

Case Studies



Anything is Possible

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Behind the Lens

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Darkar Rally

Image by Chris Murray


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