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Off the back of delivering 2.2 billion video views in the last 12 months EXTREME launches a Social Media Management service enabling brands, events and destinations to tap into the company’s deep social media expertise and cross promotion through the group’s exciting social media network.

Under the leadership of EXTREME CEO and Founder, Alistair Gosling, the Social Media Management service, will cater to brands, retailers, destinations, sports federations or events seeking operational expertise to manage their day-to-day social media activities.

EXTREME’s dedicated team of channel managers, social producers, editors and curators, produce and post captivating action and adventure sports, travel and lifestyle entertainment daily for our highly engaged social community approaching 20 million fans and hitting over 200 million video views every month.

This wealth of experience amassed whilst operating EXTREME’s own social network is now being shared to optimise and grow client’s social pages from engagement to fan base and following.

“Since 2022, more and more companies have been approaching us to run their socials and it made sense for us to diversify in this direction,” shared Alistair Gosling. “Our team can cover everything from strategy, planning and content production to maximise our client’s social media outcomes whilst driving promotion even further using our undeniable knowledge, creativity and access to our exceptional social community.”

EXTREME started off as the Extreme Sports Channel and for over 25 years, has grown into a purpose driven company with a unique brand and community that lives at the intersection of adventure sports and entertainment. Our collection of social and digital channels delivers shows, clips and live events when and where our viewers want it and are accessed through all the leading social media networks, connected TV platforms and mobile apps.

For more information on how the EXTREME Social Media Management team can assist you, reach out on



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