London UK, Aug. 4, 2020 EXTREME International Ltd have partnered with OUTBND

In a bid to continuously inspire to explore and experience, EXTREME have partnered with OUTBND, a new social media app targeted at the global action and adventure sports community.

Starting from the 3rd of August 2020, this partnership will run a six-week campaign to launch and promote uptake of the app.

Similar to Instagram, OUTBND is an image-focused app,however with a specific goal to inspire people with a passion for action and adventure sports. The incredible imagery will shine a light on some of the world’s most outstanding sports and locations. Split across 6 different habitats; Air, Water, Snow, Dirt, Street and World, the app allows users to tailor what they want to see according to their passion, location and friends.

With a 25-year heritage, highly engaged audience, expansive media network and over 125 ambassador athletes at its disposal, EXTREME offers experience and access to OUTBND to further grow the action and adventure sports community and following.

EXTREME, have secured the support of 5 elite athletes to represent each habitat for the launch of the campaign; Jamie Lee (Air), Ryan & Liam Peacock (Water), Jamie Nicholls (Snow), Max Vial (Dirt), and Jamie Griffin (Street).

Ryan Maxwell, Managing Director Media & Marketing EXTREME said, ”We are very excited to be working with OUTBND. They have created a very compelling offer and experience and have recognized the gap in the market for an app and offering that is aimed at the adventurers among us. With the addition of more of our sports into the Olympics and significant participation growth, it is a fantastic time to embrace and cater for the extreme, adventure and lifestyle audience. Id encourage you to download the app and see it for yourselves.”

Matteo Meana,OUTBND Foundersaid, ”Being able to work with EXTREME was one of our goals since we started designing the app. In many aspects EXTREME is one of the few companies that fully embodies our spirit. When launching a social network is important to carefully choosethe first partners, as they set the pace for others, which is why from the very beginning we started our “OUTBANDIT” program, a group of athletes that could help us do that. By partnering with EXTREME we not onlymade sure that we’d fill the app with original content from some of the most notorious athletes of this sport category, but that we’dalsoguarantee having athletes that share the same spirit that we want to convey in our community.”

You can download the app here.


EXTREME is a uniquely positioned brand and community that lives at the nexus of sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. As founders of The Extreme Sports Channel and operating for over 25 years EXTREME is the go-to place for authentic access and activation across the world of action, adventure, and motor sports. Headquartered in London, with bases in Europe, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean, we serve our clients with a multinational presence. Passionate and pioneering, our mindful, diverse, and talented team use their deep knowledge and key relationships to design, develop and deliver some of the world's most innovative destinations, spectacular events, incredible content, and engaging brand campaigns.

With a community of over 15 million, and us supporting over 125 ambassadors, activating over 80 events annually and an average reach of 50 million video views monthly, our brand marketing activities inspire, support and promote all of EXTREME’s initiatives.

VISION: To be the world’s leading extreme and adventure sports lifestyle brand and community.

MISSION: Inspire to explore and experience.


OUTBND is the new Adventure and Action sports Social Network. As we realize the market is saturated with options, we believe that no current platform actually provides a proper stage for our community. We, in the action sports community, do amazing things and we search for opportunities to grow everyday. We don’t do it for a “like”, we do it because we work on ourselves and want to get better and better at what we love. OUTBND aims to be the “Adrenaline Hub”, the place where people who love action sports and traveling will find everything they need to go on their next adventure. The app is not a replacement for other social media, quite the opposite: our motto is “RIDE.SHARE.REPEAT.” And we made it easy to link users account to other platforms to either import, redirect or share (no watermarks) their content. We can’t deny the social importance of other platforms, we just want to provide a “safe place” for the community where they can truly be themselves, have fun and connect.


Matteo Meana M.Meana@outbndsn.com

Ryan Maxwell ryan@extremeinternational.com

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