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Extreme’s world-renowned creative and technical events teams create, produce and promote extraordinary live events, festivals, brand activations and permanent shows globally.

We have more than 25 years’ experience in delivering adventure sports, action sports, entertainment and environmental events and are passionate about helping tourism destinations plan and activate their long-term event strategies, creating bespoke stunts and activations for brands, or providing our experienced event management services to those who need it. And most importantly, we deliver event experiences that inspire and motivate, push physical limits, bring brands to life, make people laugh, cheer, and celebrate.



Producing a wide range of extreme sports festivals; motorsports events; mass participation competitions and 3rd Party IP representation.
Hot air balloon in the desert at night -



Creation and delivery of extreme and adventure sports experiences and activations.



Expert strategic planning advice to define and implement short, medium and long term event strategies.



Provision of event related professional services across all aspects of event conception, planning and delivery.


EXTREME Events KSA is a joint venture partnership with Sumou Holdings and is registered in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia to provide our expertise and services to Giga and Mega projects, Ministries and Government Authorities as well as staging our own portfolio of events and experiences.

Extreme and adventure sport is one of the fastest growing global sectors and is a key component of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. Alistair Gosling, EXTREME’s founder and CEO was appointed to the advisory board of Qiddiya in 2016 and plays an active role in the development of one of Saudi Arabia's most ambitious Giga projects. 


We share the same ethos and support the values of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to improve the quality of life for the local population by building community spirit through a sense of belonging that defines the extreme sports industry and by producing world class events and unrivalled unique experiences in one of the most unexplored countries in the world.

EXTREME Events KSA is registered to provide the following services    



Launched in 2021, The EXTREME Hangout became a leading fringe event at COP26, in Glasgow and again at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in 2022.  With amazing partners, we hosted dynamic and inspirational youth-led talks and panels, networking events and more. All our sessions were livestreamed out to a global audience and remain available on our Live Catch-Up page to be watched again.


Building on the success of these events and working through sport we are rolling out an ambitious programme with the goal to deliver 50 impact events in 50 locations over the next 5 years. The annual Extreme Hangout programme is part of an engagement plan to drive climate action through 3 areas:

  1. The Extreme Hangout at COP - Our major annual event will be held at COP every year, live-streamed globally.

  2. The global event series, run in city, beach and mountain locations around the world in partnership with local young climate activists, local Ted X event organisers, with the objective to connect, engage and amplify local voices and drive local action.

  3. Our video and voice podcast series for year-round engagement and available on multiple platforms.

With The EXTREME Hangout, we want to engage and inspire young people, harness the power of sport, work collaboratively with amazing partners who are thinking outside the box and amplify the volume of any one doing climate action work.

A few of our partners

UIAA - Ice Climbing World Cup
UIAA - Ice Climbing World Cup

Date: 3rd-5th January Location: Changchun City, China Category: Ice Climbing

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UIAA - Ice Climbing World Cup
UIAA - Ice Climbing World Cup

Date: 10th - 12th January Location: Cheongsong, South Korea Category: Ice Climbing Category: Climbing

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Freeride World Tour - Hakuba, Japan
Freeride World Tour - Hakuba, Japan

Date: 18th-25th January Location: Hakuba, Japan Category: Skiing/Snowboarding

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Date: 26th -29th Jan Location: Munich, Germany Category: Tradeshow

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UIAA - Ice Climbing World Cup
UIAA - Ice Climbing World Cup

Date: 23rd-25th January Location: Saas Fe, Switzerland Category: Ice Climbing

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