Sky Brown Extreme LinkedIn post goes viral and reaches 1 million views

The post in question which was driven through EXTREME CEO Alistair Gosling’s LinkedIn account, saw 12-year-old Olympic hopeful Sky Brown take on the mega ramp with help from skateboarding great Tony Hawk, one of the toughest challenges facing any skateboarder, just three months after she suffered an accident. You can check it out here:


Through the tension, release and the carefully prepared messaging around the video, in just over 100 seconds EXTREME managed to connect with a global network of contacts, whether a first connection or third, a CEO or student. This in turn provoked an enormous variety of conversations on the back of it as different people interpreted the message in different ways and connected it to their personal and business lives. This has proven invaluable in generating new connections and relationships that would otherwise have been impossible.

We welcome all comments around the post or more generally so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with enquiries@extremeinternational.com.

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