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13th October 2021: London

With less than one month to go until the doors of the EXTREME Hangout open on Monday 1st November in Glasgow, EXTREME is delighted to announce OVO Energy as the headline sponsor of the EXTREME Hangout at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

The primary mission of the EXTREME Hangout is to give young people a voice and a platform at COP26 and OVO Energy is the perfect partner in the larger vision of driving positive change.

The EXTREME Hangout will be a dynamic hub at COP26 where young people can come together to hang out, share ideas, learn from others, be inspired and ultimately leave with a renewed passion, understanding and urgency to help drive the green agenda.

It will not only be a place for world-renowned environmental leaders and climate activists to challenge and debate how we tackle the climate crisis, but also a space where businesses are laid bare, called upon to demonstrate their commitment to net-zero and reveal how they are truly working towards a more sustainable future for all. OVO’s net-zero mission set out in Plan Zero and its core values speak for themselves, and EXTREME is truly excited to welcome them to the Hangout as lead sponsor.

The event is open to both those who can attend in person across the 11 days from the 1st-11th November and online for those who are unable to be there person to watch and interact live. More details on how to get a ticket or engage with and watch the live streams can be found at

OVO is a green energy company on a mission to drive progress towards zero carbon living. Since its foundation in 2009, OVO has been committed to accelerating the energy transition and by bringing zero carbon technology to more households across the UK. At the turn of the decade, OVO launched Plan Zero, setting out how it would transform its entire business in order to help drive progress toward zero carbon living. Through Plan Zero, OVO commits to achieving net zero carbon emissions across its own operations and help halve the total lifestyle carbon emissions of its members, all by 2030.

OVO will be hosting designated panel discussions at the EXTREME Hangout and will be working with the organisers to ensure the event brings together the different ideas, voices and opinions to debate how we tackle our generation's greatest challenge.

Dr Rebecca Heaton, Director of Sustainability, OVO Energy said:

"We're proud to be the lead sponsor for the Hangout this year, a place to encourage the next generation and new voices to debate the opportunities and challenges of fighting the climate crisis.

"All the eyes of the world will be on COP26 this year which marks a pivotal moment for world leaders, NGOs, businesses and communities to come together to establish plans and encourage tangible action to tackle the climate emergency. The voice of young people shouldn't be left out."

Alistair Gosling, EXTREME CEO said:

“We are incredibly excited to have OVO Energy as our headline partner for the EXTREME Hangout. They share our vision and feel that the young generation needs a platform for their voice to be heard at COP26 and beyond. Their active participation is of paramount importance, and we have made it our mission to give the youth a voice at COP26 and beyond.”

Together, we cannot wait to welcome you all to the EXTREME Hangout on 1st November.



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