EXTREME Launches TikTok Offer

You may not know about it at all, or you may know it by its former name, Musical.ly… TikTok is a short-form mobile videos focused social media platform. The video-sharing social platform was initially used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos, however it has become much more than this…Teenagers and young people are the primary users of the app…

If you are looking to target the youth demographic than TikTok has to be part of your strategy.EXTREME have supported and manage many brands in their ambition to enter into the community.

In addition to the complete agency services offer EXTREME International have launched a dedicated TikTok focused marketing service. Following the success of the social media platform, its impressive engagement with the youth demographic EXTREME International have a network of TikTok brands that reach millions of fans a month.

Having proven success with clients across music, tech, fashion and lifestyle EXTREME are able to guarantee strong ROI and understand of what creates significant engagement with the audience.

TikTok as a platform describe themselves as a destination for short-form mobile video with a missionto inspire creativity and bring joy. With such a fundamental alignment with what EXTREME as an organisation do, the authentic synergy is something that partners can easily tap into.

So if you are looking to target the youth demographic and are either unsure of the TikTok platform or just want to leverage EXTREME internationals engaged audience, get in contact.

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