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EXTREME Launches New Marketing Agency Offer

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Following the success of the Extreme Sports TV channel and with more than 20 years’ experience in the action, adventure and lifestyle industry, EXTREME have launched further additions to its agency arm creating a full end to end marketing services offer. The service enables partners to leverage both the deep experiences and relationships forged, it also allows brands and organisations to tap into an existing network and highly engaged community.

EXTREME’s expertise lies in targeting the youth (18-35) with a passion for action and adventure. Focused in around the sports, entertainment, lifestyle and music niche, the network has not only remained relevant and authentic, it continues to innovate and stay at the forefront of youth culture.

The offer specialising in brand building through storytelling, and EXTREME pride themselves on their bespoke and passionate approach. From the very beginning the brand has been on a mission to inspire the youth to experience the extraordinary.

The program operates across the pillars of;

  • Ambassador/Influencers

  • Content/Production

  • Experiences/Activations

  • Social Media/Distribution

  • Strategy/Creative

  • Brand Access

EXTREME says that its largest USP is its brand access and existing media network. Unlike any other agency the brand not only provides 20+ years of knowledge and expertise, it can guarantee partners significant ROI through its owned and operated channels.

The EXTREME Marketing Agency supports some of the world’s largest brands, including Facebook, Stanley Black & Decker, NatWest and many more that are looking to create unforgettable campaigns utilising our brand, ambassadors, events, production and media network.



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