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WOW! We had an epic week at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh and you can see it all by watching our Livestreams on our catch-up page HERE.

We hosted a full spectrum of intergenerational speakers and guests from all over the world.

Presidents and actors told us we had the coolest, most beautiful venue at COP with the best vibe. Sitting alongside the New York Times, and under a wonderful Bedouin tent overlooking the sea certainly helped create an incredible atmosphere. We had one of the only culturally authentic, locally supplied venues and members of the Egyptian tribes that brought us the tents and rugs, the Hani Rmadan Al Smalousy and the Shikh Goma Abo Barkat Aligat also sat in on many of our sessions which was an unexpected delight.

Representatives from the furthest corners of the globe stepped onto our stage and many joined the live conversations. We had voices from far and wide at The Extreme Hangout: The African continent, the Philippines, Qatar, Brazil, Ecuadorian Amazon, Nepal, New Zealand, Europe, USA, Canada. . . A melting pot of campaigners, changemakers and activists congregated at our COP27 venue with a single goal to raise awareness and find solutions to stop runaway climate change.

“COP’s can feel overwhelming, they are exhausting and stressful as no-one makes the effort to travel from across the world without a deep tie to the natural world and the COP outcomes which are all too often not nearly as ambitious and solutions focused as we might like. The Extreme Hangout needs to be a place for respite and pulling together as much as we need to deliver world class content and opportunities for all. In that we succeed a little is a source of immense pride to me and our wonderful team and we promise you we will be back again, next year, the year after and every year whilst we are still needed, we will ramp up the conversations until we can be sure everyone, everywhere can hear the voices on our stage loud and clear!”

(Amber Nuttall, Extreme Hangout Founder)

Our panels over the 4 days discussed an array of topics from Eco-innovations and agri-tech to regenerative farming and gender parity. We had dynamic sessions covering Loss and Damage to wearable technology and fashion innovation.

The setting was strong, the panels superb and we gave youth a voice. Every day we heard amazing young voices and sprinkled in some superstar influencers too. We were joined by the First Minister of Scotland, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, the former President of Colombia, a special message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Paul Polman, Lily Cole, Craig Leeson, Louis Cole, Nina Gualinga, Nathalie Kelley, Alice Eady, Antoinette Vermilye, Elise Buckle, Jojo Mehta, Yoshioka Tatsuya, Henk Rogers, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson and Alok Sharna came to visit us, along with powerhouse names from the world of fashion that sat alongside the other amazing panels Mary Fellowes curated.

We opened with a BANG on Tuesday morning, Nov 8th, with Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, welcoming the Running Out of Time Team at the Extreme Hangout. This was the world’s longest baton relay that had begun in the COP26 host city of Glasgow on September 30th. It involved thousands of runners, cyclists, and sailors who spent 40 days working together to pass a relay baton through 18 countries, 7,767km from Glasgow to Egypt, to finally reach the COP27 host city of Sharm El Sheikh on 8th November 2022.

Good Morning Britain (ITV) reported live from The Extreme Hangout and international press far and wide, from India to China, covered this incredible crossing of the baton relay finish line in Sharm El-Sheikh – A symbolic moment for turning words into actions and a reminder to world leaders that they must do the same.


Morning Snorkelling trips followed by Meditation and Qi-Gong every morning with Wisdom Health.

We started the day by bringing awareness and spaciousness to the present moment and connected with our intentions for COP27.


Our position overlooking the Red Sea at The Park Regency Hotel, enjoyed spectacular sunsets leading us into the magic of the evenings. Under the light of the moon, we had Waterbear Film screenings and memorable evening events hosted by Impact One and a final closing night Ocean Innovation dinner with Blue Planet Alliance, Peace Boat and Oceanic Global.


Not only are we making plans for COP28 in Dubai next year, we also have ambitious global plans. Our goal is to hold an anchor event each year at COP and then to work locally around the world with young activists, cities, mountain or beach resorts and local organisations to deliver 50 events in 50 locations in the next 5 years. We would be delighted to bring the EXTREME Hangout to you. Please get in touch and let’s explore.


We are excited to be heading to COP28 in Dubai next year and a part of that we are looking for;

  • Awesome and unique venue opportunities

  • Partners

  • Speakers & Ambassadors

  • Sponsors

If you are able to help with any of the above we would love to hear from you.

Be sure to follow us on instagram and Twitter @extremehangout for updates!

AND FINALLY. . . . .

Here are some of the things our partners & participants raved about:

Impact One “Thank you for your collaboration and support! 💚 What an incredible turnout.”

Lelia De Lucchi “thank you all!! we could not have done it without you Extreme Hangout 🙏 🙏 🙏 “

James Bidwell “You guys are amazing”

Rhona Morrell “stunning location great conversations and panels”

Duncan Murray “Awesome venue and awesome content, was great to be there”

Mavis Doruwaa Mainu “Thanks for the invitation. It was great to be a part of this conversation”

Durlabh Ashok “Thank you for hosting me at this year's COP as well. It was a great panel!!“

Philippe Birker “Was a pleasure to be there, most beautiful stage at cop! “

Sarwan Scarce “Very interesting way of refocusing the agenda at these types of forums and have inclusion of more voices.”

Christopher Macgregor “Amazing work! We need more of these 👏🏾“

Anthony Bennett Reboot the Future “We 🧡 'd working with you in Sharm, you were such gracious hosts, would love to talk to you further about COP28 and a heap of other stuff. Radically sounds good to me. Hope you are getting a rest by now, tho!”

Nat Kelley, Hollywood Actress “The EXTREME hangout has turned out to be one of my favourite places to hang out at COP27, not just because of the beautiful bedouin setting, I’ve genuinely appreciated the programming here. The first night I saw my hero Ayisha Siddiqa and last night they kindly dedicated the space to a panel on the Amazon”

Lelia De Lucchi of Therme Art “Thank you so much again for this wonderful platform and evening you helped us create yesterday! We are so happy with the result and our entire collaboration has been so pleasant, thank you so much to everyone”

Sarah Flynn of Taking i|t Global “Many thanks for your overwhelming support and outreach to these children! This session and the baton relay - both at your Extreme site - were repeatedly named as a highlight portion of the program for our children involved! We’re very much looking forward to opportunities for future collaborations.”



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