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EXTREME Brand Update - Q1 2023


Introducing Extreme Hangout Local - Our Global Series For Young Change-makers Around the World

Following two incredible Extreme Hangouts at COP26 Glasgow and COP27 Egypt, The Extreme Hangout has launched its global series. Extreme Hangout Local is our global climate-impact series to give young change-makers around the world a voice, popularise the climate movement and inspire environmental action.

With PwC signed up as the first global sponsor and 68 groups from around the world already registered to host an event within their local communities the foundations are set to fly!

The first cohort of Extreme Hangout Local includes Fiji, Nigeria, Argentina, Uganda, Canada, Rwanda, Portugal, Tanzania and the UK, and we couldn’t be more excited, with the Extreme Hangout Dar Es Salaam, kicking things off on the 24th June followed by Extreme Hangout Kisumu on the 27th June, then on to the Extreme Hangout London on the 30th June.

Read on to learn more about other events coming near you, how you could host your own Extreme Hangout Local and our involvement in COP28 UAE.


Out & About with EXTREME Destinations

Beyond the RFPs, business development meetings, networking summits, trade shows and events, Q1 of 2023 has also been about exploration and discovery for the EXTREME Destination team. You can’t create or operate in a destination if you haven’t done your homework. Only then can you provide visitors with a truly immersive destination experience.

Where did we go?

  • Intriguing Saudi Arabia: The RCU Bike Symposium was a fun way to discover the living museum that is AlUla followed by a tour of the scenic Asir Province. Strikingly contrasting landscapes and breathtaking sceneries within one country, is a strong reminder of the vastness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its appeal to adventure travel enthusiasts and its ability to satisfy the desire for more experiential adventure travel.

  • Adventurous Portugal: A few days spent scouting Portugal, left the team excited by the opportunities and the future of extreme and adventure sports and travel in this country. The terrain, landscape, climate, accessibility, the people, culture and cuisine provide that perfect blend for the ultimate adventure travel destination.

  • The Arabian Travel Market, Dubai: EXTREME Destination Managing Director, Ben Barker and the EXTREME Destination Hospitality Director, Marc Myers, spent a few days meeting the leaders and industry professionals at the Middle East’ largest travel trade event.

  • Future Hospitality Summit Riyadh: From the 07th-09th May, Ben and Marc were in Riyadh to learn more about investments, entrepreneurship, sustainability, innovation and more in the Saudi Arabian and Middle Eastern hospitality industry.

  • Eco- Resort Network Montenegro: Marc Myers discussed hospitality and adventure as part of a panel presentation during this event that took place from the 24th-25th May.


Connect with the EXTREME Destinations team on LinkedIn or email on


Need a little help managing your socials?

EXTREME's Social Media Management services is strongly positioned to optimise and grow our client's social pages from engagement to fan base and following. After all in the last 12 months, the team delivered 2.3 billion video views for EXTREME and engaged with our 20 million (and growing) fans daily through our various platforms.


Fresh Faces...

We’ve boosted the Social Media team with a few fresh faces and energy and elevated the career's of several existing team members.

Join us in welcoming Adam Bailey from LadBible as our Social Channels Manager and Joseph Hughes from Jelly Smack as the Senior Social Media Video Editor. Miguel Freitas has been promoted to Creative and Editorial Lead, Rebecca Finch takes over as Social Media Content Editor and Birand Özer settles in as Video Editor.


Unreel TV and Auto AllStars Now On LG and Rewarded TV

As of April, fans of Auto Allstars and Unreel TV have been enjoying their favourite channels on LG Channels across the USA, Canada, UK and most of Europe including Germany, France and Italy, as well as on Rewarded TV in the USA with more distribution deals in the pipeline.

What are Auto Allstars TV and Unreel TV?

Unreel TV: Brought to you by the founders of the Extreme Sports Channel, bringing you the best action, adventure, and fun from the world of extreme and adventure sports. Whether its surf, skate or snow from the mountains to the city, Unreel features the top viral videos, captures the leading live events, the stories, determination and triumph of amazing athletes and individuals, set against a backdrop of some of the most beautiful and challenging places in the world.

Auto Allstars: Drivers, Riders and Rockstars are the heroes of EXTREME’s auto lifestyle channel, where we curate the top viral videos, capture the leading LIVE events and show the most amazing automotive action, with supercars, bikes, boats, drones, planes and trucks, pushed to their limits. You can watch the latest auto-influencers or learn from the experts who test and review. Featuring the world’s first ‘person-sized’ drone racing and dynamic world of competitive eSports. All this woven with the rise of electric powered vehicles, tech and the future of powered travel.

Where to watch?

EXTREME is proud of the growth of these channels, designed to entertain, educate, inspire and activate the 500 million extreme and adventure sports fans across the world. Both channels can be accessed online and through connected TV platforms as FAST channels, as well as via our own OTT app.

Connect with the Media team at


Marine-Time in Saudi

The EXTREME Marine team have been busy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past few months from the operation of the NEOM Beach Games at the end of 2022 to the ongoing development of a major sailing strategy project designed to establish a sailing culture both in the leisure and commercial maritime industries across the Kingdom.

In view that the team are also working on marine and safety consultancy across several GIGA projects in the destination, they took the time to tour its breathtaking coastline, building on their knowledge and understanding of its topography and natural wonders, its culture and heritage, its people, its needs and potential.

The development of many of these projects requires a holistic view thus the ongoing collaboration with the EXTREME Destinations team to bridge the gap between marine and leisure and tourism destination.

Keep up with the EXTREME Marine team by signing up for their updates


Ninja Takeover

Who can possibly be cooler than a Ninja! If there is one extreme sport that has proven time and time again that humans can do the impossible it’s ninja sports.

EXTREME are backing Ultimate Ninja Enterprises to build a global Ninja sports franchise and community through its Ultimate Ninja gym chain as well as launch a world-class professional events series called UNX.

More details on the events will be announced and you can keep up to date on the progress through our social pages and website. Meanwhile check out the UNX video on our Events page for some inspiration!


Thanks for reading! Follow our journey through our social pages, website or sign up for our updates.




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