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EXTREME are delighted for Amber Nuttal, Ben Barker & Alistair Gosling to speak at Greenloop 2021

We are delighted to announce that Amber Nuttall (Environmental & Sustainability Director), Ben Barker (Managing Director, EXTREME Destinations), and Alistair Gosling (Founder & CEO) will be guest speakers at Greenloop: Sustainability in Visitor Attractions on the 21st April 2021, 10:00am BST.

The focal point of the discussion will be around how EXTREME have taken action to become more sustainable and to ensure we are driving positive change through extreme and adventure sports. The team, who have a high degree of experience in sustainable operations, will share their knowledge on how the visitor attraction industry should evolve to become more environmentally conscious.

Whilst highlighting the latest trends and developments, the conference will be a fantastic opportunity to both network and learn from industry leaders as they share insights into how they are tackling climate change and how businesses can adapt to become more sustainable.

Now is the time to act, and we should all be taking action to understand the steps that we can take to safeguard the future of our planet for generations to come. As the world recovers from the effect of Covid-19, remember.... When you return, tread lighter.



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