EXTREME supports mountain bike madness at the 2020 UCI Eliminator World Cup.

EXTREME is pleased to partner up with City Mountainbike, who are the official hosts of the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup. It will provide the official media platform for this much awaited event.

The first round of the 2020 UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup is due to take place on the 6th of March. This six-month biking marathon is sure to catch attention, with the opening round taking place in Dubai.

This is a highly competitive event is guaranteed to be action packed. The Eliminator World Cup includes fast and dynamic courses where the riders are tested to their limits. The course features highly technical obstacles including jumps, bridges, dirt tracks and rock gardens.

All the action taking place will be delivered through EXTREME’s popular social media platform. If you want to really become involved tune into EXTREME’s live streams on Facebook which will place you right in the midst of the action: www.facebook.com/extreme.

Ryan Maxwell, Managing Director – Media Marketing for EXTREME said “The UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator is a fantastic event that brings together both the city environment and Mountain biking that you would usually find out in remote locations. Our ethos has always been to share our passions with the masses and an event like this is a true fit with our DNA. For us to be able to partner and become the official platform for fans to catch the content, is something that we are proud to do.”

Kristof Bruyneel, Founder/CEO, said “City Mountainbike is an excited to explore the world together with EXTREME during this event. We love showing this spectacular discipline of the future to their worldwide Extreme sports audience.”

If you are looking to join the event in person Uniglobe travel is the Official Travel Partner of the UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup. For more information to secure your adventure please email: corporate@uniglobesouthwesttravel.be for more information.

Time Event

18:30 – 19:10 - 1/8 Finals Men

19:10 – 19:25 - 1/4 Finals Women

19:25 – 19:45 - 1/4 Finals Men

19:45 – 19:55 - 1/2 Finals Women

20:25 – 20:35 - 1/2 Finals Men

20:35 – 20:40 - Bike Show

Last year’s event saw major success with Titoaun Perrin Ganier claiming the elite world title, with Gaia Tormena claiming her first Women’s Elite XCE World title. These are definitely two faces to look out for this year as they try to retain their titles.

The 2020 competition consist of seven rounds across seven different locations including: Dubai, Barcelona, Villard-de-lans, Graz, Waregem, Valkenward and Winterberg, with Dubai being a new location for this year.

EXTREME’s broadcasting of the events has seen over half a million views to date. This year an even larger audience is predicted, with an increasing number of people tuning into the Eliminator World Cup across all of the social platforms.

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