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EXTREME'S first Facebook Live Series: 'The Wild Hob'

For those of you who don't yet know, Hob is a professional stuntman from Pennsylvania USA, who has been going live on our Facebook for a few months now. We loved his content so much that he now has his own show to brighten up everyone's Sunday afternoon. It's called ‘The Wild Hob' - and you will understand why soon enough.

We are now in week two of The Wild Hob - and already we have seen Hob on fire, jumping off a building, and drift triking down a mountain. Not all at the same time but still damn impressive if you ask me.

If you have not seen episodes one and two you can view them here:

Episode 1

Episode 2

To help understand some of the method behind the madness we asked Hob some questions:

Name: The Amazing Hob

Age: 30

Occupation: Stunt man / freethinker

What was your inspiration to do all this crazy sh**?

‘The reason I pursue stunts and extreme sports is for that feeling of complete freedom. On an average day I feel that life is a wild beast chasing me down... bills, responsibilities, work. But when I am doing a stunt or riding my trike I become the beast and it’s my turn to chase down life. So for those few moments I am completely free.’

Who is/was your inspiration?

‘My idols in life are my two brothers who walk a similar path... just when the light may seem to be dimming one of them pulls a stunt or does something outside the box and it relights my inspiration and show me that I am walking the right road.’

When did you start causing mayhem?

​‘I would say I came out the womb stunting... My brothers and I grew up on an isolated piece of ground and we weren't allowed to watch TV but were given all the freedoms to explore our own minds. We started causing mayhem and filming our antics at a very young age, always encouraging each other to get wilder. The madness really started when we attended Kahanas stunt school in 2010 and become fully immersed in the stunt culture, after that life became a roller coaster meeting up with stunt men learning the ins and outs of the trade and filming for TV shows.’

What is the craziest stunt you have ever done?

‘The craziest stunt I have ever pulled off was a car explosion stunt. We were in Tombstone, Arizona filming a show I had written with Dr Danger and we needed a banger. I had broken my collar bone in three places the day before but the show had to go on. We entered a car with 20 gallons of gasoline in turkey bags and explosives covering the outside... counted to three and set off the explosion. The explosion was so big from the outside that the flames were all over the inside but we made it out completely fine. I still can't believe that stunt to this day, let alone that I pulled it off with my collarbone completely destroyed.’

Have you ever seriously injured yourself?

‘I have had tons of injuries in my life... broken bones, gaping wounds, ruined neck, but nothing that I would consider serious.’

How important are EXTREME sports in your life?

‘Extreme sports and stunts have created who I am today, they have allowed me to have a relationship with my brothers and family like no other. They have showed me that true freedom lies within and you can harness that freedom even in a world full of control. Without stunts I don't know where I would have ended up.’

What do you have in store for the show?

‘The rest of the series is going to be a wild ride... let's just say I love fire.’

Thanks for your time Hob! we cant wait to see what the next few weeks' Sunday entertainment brings.

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