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CA Rampworks and STANLEY work together to build the Dew Tour course in just a matter of days

You may or may not have heard about CA Rampworks, but you have unquestionably seen their handy work on your TV or your computer screen. Whether it has been Street League, The X Games, Red Bull Hart Lines or Dew Tour… CA Rampworks have built them all. This is all made possible by STANLEY who have worked alongside CA Rampworks by providing the tools necessary to complete these magnificent parks in such a short amount of time.

Are you are as surprised as the rest of us that it is possible to build a temporary skate complex in a car park in only 14 days, with concrete ramps included? most of us are lucky to get a concrete bowl at our local park here in the UK. This opens up a world of opportunities for how skate competitions will look in a few years time. These concrete ramps are also recyclable! Watch the time-lapse of the build below:

The number of skateable features at Dew Tour was beyond anything we have seen before, there really was a feature for everyone, from beginners to experts. CA Rampworks are changing the game with some of the ideas they are bringing to life. The features included a concrete bowl and huge street course, a sculpture garden open to the public, a skater-cross style pump track and more! Guests were encouraged to bring their decks to experience the dream skate zone.

The 12-hour day beating that the tools received in creating the course is tribute to the quality of STANLEY tools, there’s really no room for error when there will be people flying in and out of ramps.

Some of the features that were built for dewtour were donated to skateparks in the local area, leaving a piece of the action behind for hundreds more skaters to experience. Admirable work CA Rampworks, that’s what it’s about.

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