Kilian Jornet summits Everest…TWICE in a week

Photo by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset.

You all know that Mount Everest in the highest mountain on Earth, scaling a

whopping 8.848m (29,029 ft), sitting high above the clouds in the Himalayas,

bordering China and Nepal.

Since Alpinism became a competitive sport back in the 1800s, Mt Everest has been

the nemesis of many of the top climbers and mountaineers around the globe. The

sheer size and majesty of this mountain is not to be under estimated, not only is it

incredibly high, Everest is scattered with death traps in the forms of crevasses,

glaciers, cliffs, ice walls, not to mention high winds and rapid weather changes.

So now that I have painted a clear image of this utterly awe inspiring monster of a

peak, I am going to blow your mind!

Famous summit seeker, Kilian Jornet has done it again. Jornet is a 29 year old

Spaniard who set himself the challenge of summiting the highest peaks on every

continent, in the fastest recorded assent per mountain.

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