Top 5 extreme sports to try this summer

This summer is fast approaching, long warm evenings, and endless summer days which gives you plenty of opportunity to try that extreme sport you have always wanted to…! Make this summer the best you have had yet by attempting AT LEAST one of the following extreme sports! Feel that adrenaline and get your heart pumping!

Water Jetpack

Water Jetpack is a relatively new sport, which you experience on the water. It involves a wakeboard, a jetski turbine, and 18 metres of pipeline that enables the rider to get up to 10 metres out of the water. Have you ever wanted to fly above the water, and perform steazy backflips without needing to be a PRO…if so, this is the sport for you! ( p.s, its actually easier than it looks)

Street Luging

Do you miss sledging in the summer? Street luging is quite similar to skateboarding, however you are in the supine position, comparable to sledging…be prepared for the speed! This sport is gravity powered contributing to seriously high velocity! WARNING : You must wear a helmet.


Have you ever wanted to know how a hamster feels in its exercise ball? Well Kids, your dream has come true. Some crazy guys created Zorbing, which is essentially an enormous blow up plastic ball, AND you get inside it, and roll down hills- its inflatable so absorbs all the humps and bumps, so all you have to do is enjoy! (You may feel out of control though).

Bungee Jumping

If you have a head for heights, or even if you don’t…dare yourself to do this adrenaline fuelled activity which involves jumping from a high structure be it a bridge or even a hot air balloon whilst harnessed by a large elastic cord. Feel the adrenaline from the freefall and rebound…#canyouhandleit?


Canyoning is for you if you like the idea of jumping, swimming, walking and even abseiling down a Canyon and river. Ever wanted to cliff jump 80ft above icy cold water and crawl under rocks and boulders like a real adventurer …then this is for you. AND, it is always in the most beautiful areas of the world! Go on, get your wetsuit on!

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