High Performance Eco Friendly Snowboards

Swiss brand Anticonf is driving the environmentally friendly revolution in creating the next generation of snowboards and skis without compromising the way we ride. It has been years since anyone radically changed the design of snowboards, the last big modification was the creation of rockers and carvers that shaped the snowy mountain world forever.

These guys are doing something awesome, and their approach to design and engineering is top. Instead of starting with an already existing product and modifying it, they begin with raw plant materials to create the new generation of boards. As an alternative to the traditional wooden core, they bend bamboo and combine it with cork- this ensures that it is super light, but also incredibly flexible and absorbs the vibrations.

They lose the traditional glass fibre, which is replaced by 100% natural flax fibre and bio- epoxy resin, which trades the classical resins thus creating an entirely green, plant based product. Anticonf are the pioneering green engineers of 2017 and their goal is “To develop products that have a lesser impact on the environment while making no concession on the quality. We hope to make the world a better place and bring riders closer to their riding environment.”

Water sports are on their agenda next, so keep your eyes peeled!

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