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5 of the best larger surfers

Sure, being nimble and having a lower sense of gravity has its benefits in many sports, but in actual fact being a heavier load has a magical effect when it comes to surfing. The simple fact being that, the fatter your are the more water you displace causing a dispersed fanlike formation.

Combine your superior bulk with sound technique, retain at least a modicum of mobility, and you will be unstoppable.


Shawn Briley

Pipeline surfer with a staggering natural ability. Briley gained a reputation in the early ‘90s as an extraordinary tube-rider and inveterate risk-taker. The fact he surfed as well as he did despite a physique befitting a professional darts player made it all the more impressive.


James “chubby” Mitchell

Big, nimble, easygoing regularfooter from Honolulu, Hawaii; surfing’s double-extra-large embodiment of aloha spirit.


Keoni “Cheeseburger” Nozaki

Of Japanese descent and son of noted charger Nick Nozaki. Check him out, he is also a general lover of cheesebugers and his sponsors list his favourite meals as as pizzas with soda, raw chicken, assorted farm animals, curry, saimen, rice with hamburger, cookies and ketchup, rice with cheeseburger, and rice with double cheeseburger. However, he doesn’t like pie or peanut butter.


Mick “Keg on Legs” Lowe

For a decade, Mick Lowe reigned the waves with the heaviest artillery, both backhand, forehand and a soft spot for a left-hand barrel. Lowe won in France in ’99, won in Fiji in 2002, when he finished the year in a career-high 6th place, and in 2004 beat Slater, then AI in the final, to win the Gold Coast Pro, a contest no other goofyfoot had won until Medina’s win last year.


James “Jimbo” Pellegrine

“Big Boy” model 24″ wide and 3 3/4″ thick, is James Pellegrine. Amazing to watch him negotiate a barrelling Indonesian left-hander.

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