EXTREME is pleased to announce they are now leading DeWALT, BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY into action sports through global sponsorship, providing each brand with a wealth of exclusive opportunities around key international sports.

Working with three of the group’s iconic brands; DeWALT, BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY, EXTREME is delivering brand access and a fully integrated marketing program that not only helps progress action sports but inspires athletes, events and creatives across the globe to think even further outside the box.

With more DeWALT, BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY products being used in action sports than ever before, for 2016 they are sponsoring 18 athletes, including; Mountain Biker Wyn Masters, Skateboarder Danny Leon and BMXer Cam Peake. DeWALT, BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY are also sponsoring 3 world class events, conducting demos and retailer activations. They are now an FMB World Tour partner which has 36 events in 11 different countries. Not only that, on the content side EXTREME is delivering and promoting 10 pieces of video viral content per week around athletes, events and record-breaking activations for the brands to use across all of their digital networks.

This year events, sponsored athletes and their teams will receive DeWALT, BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY appliances. The athletes’ skateboards, bikes and other fundamental equipment will benefit from tuning and maintenance with the tools. DeWALT, BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY have constructed several of the most effective devices in existence; hand tools, power tools and more. DeWALT, BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY are dedicated to giving their users products which enhance ability to produce the desired outcome. They are not just the world-leading tools producer but also provide storage, commercial electronic security and engineered fastening systems.

Scott Bannell, VP brand management, Stanley Black & Decker, commented, "Participants engaged in action sports are up against the toughest challenges on a daily basis, and are expected to deliver even in the harshest conditions. We are honoured to be working with such an iconic brand such as EXTREME sponsoring passionate, motivated and skilful athletes, and supporting their success during the forthcoming months."

With the world of extreme sports ever expanding it is inspiring to see the statistics of competitors and spectators rise every year. EXTREME showcases this exhilarating sector and continues to see its roster of 80 ambassadors, 75 events and significant global social media reach grow.

This international partnership between EXTREME and DeWALT, BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY will back athletes of all levels. Followers will be able to gain insight into the world of captivating, exhilarating, high-speed action events through social channels with a fan base of more than 2.4 million.

Freeride Mountain Biking (FMB)

This thrilling form of biking, which includes both racing and stunt competitions, is characterised by spectacular tricks, awesome style and challenging technical trail features. FMB has quickly become recognised as one of the most popular forms of mountain biking and attracts enormous numbers of participants and fans around the world.


Driven by the intensity, passion and outright skill of the athletes involved, skateboarding has grown phenomenally over the last ten years. Eleven million people regularly take part in this exciting, highly creative activity, which is set to become part of the Olympic programme in Tokyo 2020.


An art-form in itself, competitive BMX has boomed over the last decade, and was the most recent cycling sport to be added to the Olympic Games. Energy-fuelled, and with enormous technical ability, the talented riders perform some of the toughest, gravity-defying tricks out there.

Additional information can be found at https://stanleytools.co.uk/partnership-sponsorship

Notes to editors For further details, please contact: Anne Powys-Keck anne@pro-pr.co.uk


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About Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker is a global provider of hand tools, power tools and related accessories, engineered fastening systems, storage, as well as solutions for electronic security, mechanical access, healthcare, infrastructure and more.

Since 1843, the company has delivered hardworking, innovative, powerful tools that help professionals, organisations and individuals around the world to build, repair and protect their valuable projects and creations. With its dedication to excellence in products, people and practices, the company is committed to sustainable business policies and initiatives that reduce its impact on the environment, and improve the lives of its customers and their communities. Headquartered in Connecticut, USA, Stanley Black & Decker employs approximately 52,000 people globally, and achieved total revenues of $11.3 billion in FY 2015.

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