The Extreme Group and UPC (j.v. partners in the Extreme Sports Channel) announced today that they have signed a distribution agreement with Germany's third-largest independent cable network operator PrimaCom AG and the Extreme sports Channel will now be on the new digital television platform offered by PrimaCom

PrimaCom is initially rolling out its digital PrimaTV service in the area of Leipzig and will continue later this year in other parts of the network in several cities in Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Th∏ringen and the Rhein/Main area. The new digital service is expected eventually to be available to the vast majority of the nearly one million subscribers of the PrimaCom network.

The Extreme Sports Channel is already available to German viewers through a distribution contract with MSG MediaServices GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

Stephan K-nigfeld, Director of PrimaTV, said: "The Extreme Sports Channel will be part of PrimaCom`s exclusive packages of new channels which is being offered. Together with PrimaTV•s IPPV service Movies and More, viewers will have access to a broad selection of more than 80 channels, and access to multimedia services such as highspeed internet."

Extreme Sports Channel, a 24-hour service featuring adrenaline sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking, skydiving and much more, was launched in the Netherlands in May 1999 and is now available to cable subscribers in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden and Norway as well as to digital satellite subscribers of DigiTurk in Turkey.

About Extreme GROUP The Extreme Group is a leading Global integrated extreme sports entertainment company, formed in 1995 with the aim of supplying the world's broadcasters with quality television programming. Today we are a fast growing global media group with significant interests in a global television network, an internet business, broadband channels, content and distribution. Extreme has offices in the UK, The Netherlands and USA. The Group currently has 3 divisions.

1) The Extreme Sports Channel - Worldwide Sports Television ChannelThe Extreme Sports Channel (a joint venture between Extreme and UPC) is a global 24 hour cable and satellite sports network that features programs and live events from the action, adventure and extreme sports genres. Delivered world wide via a network of satellites, initially starting across Europe on May 1st 1999 it is now broadcasting in 9 countries with a growing subscriber base of 5 million. The channel is a direct challenger for the attention of teenagers. Its 'radical' sports and lifestyle content focuses on snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking and a host of adventure sports that produce incredibly dramatic visuals. 'Sports for the cool by the cool', where fashion and music come head-to-head to provide gripping off-the-wall action.

The Channel is also cleared for broadband and internet broadcast and is developing this via www.extreme.com. (see below)

2) www.extreme.com- Internet www.extreme.com (a joint venture between Extreme and UPC) is the web site address for the world-wide Extreme Sports Channel. It will enhance the viewers experience of the broadcast channel and act as the portal for the online extreme sports community. The Extreme Sports Channel is cleared for web streaming 24 hours a day and www.extreme.com will be the focal point for this streaming. www.extreme.com is being developed as a fully interactive internet channel for broadband and narrowband. Thus extending and exposing the brand very rapidly and filling the area of extreme sports for the WSPs (web streaming platforms)

3) Extreme International- Content distribution Extreme International, www.extremeinternational.com has been focused on the distribution of Extreme Sports programs for five years and we are now the world's leaders in this area. We concentrate upon the production, distribution, packaging and marketing of Sports, Adventure Travel and Technology programming to the television industry and internet broadcast platforms world-wide. As live streaming has developed, Extreme International has secured exclusive internet, broadband and ADSL distribution rights on individual programs, live events and launching full internet broadcast channels, preparing for the full development of convergence. Extreme has also built an extensive network and data base of organisations and web sites looking for channels and video content.

About UPCtv UPCtv, based in Amsterdam, is the channel creation, marketing and distribution arm of United Pan-Europe Communications (UPC). UPCtv offers a bouquet of quality special interest channels to UPC and non-UPC cable and DTH operators throughout Europe. The channels enable networks in Europe to offer their subscribers more choice through quality channels at reasonable prices.

About UPC Headquartered in Amsterdam, UPC is one of the most innovative broadband communications companies in Europe and owns and operates the largest pan-European group of broadband communication networks. UPC provides cable television, telephony, high-speed Internet access and programming services in eighteen countries across Europe and in Israel. As of March 31, 2000, on an aggregate basis (pro-forma for announced acquisitions), UPC's aggregated footprint reached 15.8 million franchise homes and 12.9 million homes passed with approximately 8.4 million basic cable subscribers. In addition, UPC systems had 271,400 residential telephony lines and 22,500 business telephony lines as well as 176,800 residential Internet subscribers and 4,300 business Internet subscribers. UPC is a consolidated subsidiary of Denver based UnitedGlobalCom Inc. ("United") (NASDAQ: "UCOMA") and Microsoft has an interest of approximately 8.0% in UPC. UPC shares are traded on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange ("UPC") and NASDAQ ("UPCOY").

About PrimaCom Headquartered in Mainz, PrimaCom AG (Neuer Markt Frankfurt, "PRC" / No 625910; (Nasdaq:PCAG) is presently Germany's third-largest independent cable network operator, with more than 1.35 million homes passed and with presently more than 930,000 customers. PrimaCom offers multimedia services to its customers via its own broadband cable network, which is being upgraded to operate with the latest interactive glass fibre technology (HFC). In Leipzig where the upgrade is complete PrimaCom already offers its customers an attractive high-speed Internet service via the company's own portal at a flat-rate price. In addition to this service, PrimaCom will soon be offering digital-TV with 80 channels and interactive services, such as pay-per-view etc. The service will initially be available in Leipzig, followed by six further German cities. PrimaCom is continually evolving into a multimedia communications company.

For more information, logos or pictures from the Extreme Group please contact: Fax +44 1787 479111 Email: xdream@xdream.co.uk Web : http://www.extremeinternational.com

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