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Lloyd is an award-winning senior executive who has been focused on sports and entertainment for over 25 years. 


He holds a Juris Doctor degree and master’s in business management and is an adjunct Professor of Business, Law and Entertainment. He has held the position of Sr. Entertainment Executive, including commercial, legal and business affairs as well as executive producer for several TV networks and public production houses, including Outdoor Channel, The Extreme Sports Channel, Edge TV, Endless Riff, Havoc TV and Fox’s Fuel TV.


As a filmmaker, Lloyd is an active member of the Producers Guild of America and The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and has executive produced over fifteen hundred hours of television and several award-wining feature films and documentaries.  Lloyd has been recognized by The Hollywood Reporter and Producer’s Guild when he was a listed in their 50 most influential people leading digital entertainment in Hollywood. Lloyd rejoins EXTREME after a 12-year break as executive producer focused on commercial development and manager for the U.S. 

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