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wild arabia

The Arabian Peninsula is home to the Saudi people. But there is more to this part of the world than oil, energy and industry. Thanks to careful conservation and innovative and proactive ecological research, the Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf welcome a plethora of plant and animal life.

We have an opportunity to capture the natural landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula, the wildlife that call it home and the conservation efforts that are happening there for the first time, on a global stage.

The Format: 

13 x 60  Documentary series

The Story: 

We’ll dive into the oceans – the variety of life that exists from the smallest organisms that live amongst the corals to whales and dolphins that migrate throughout the region. 

We’ll explore the land – from the offshore islands and coastline into the impressive and diverse landscapes from across the Kingdom and beyond. 


We’ll follow the rivers – watching as the life and landscapes along the banks change, creating an oasis for many varieties of life as we return to the ocean. 

We’ll also turn to the skies – as it stretches across the region we’ll look at the way birds and wildlife move over land and ocean.


Across the series we’ll look at some of the wealth of habitats, environments and wildlife that call them home from across Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula.

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