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For most of us, extreme sports are something that’s only for professionals, adrenaline junkies, or those with a death wish. But whether it’s kayaking over a waterfall or jumping out of an aeroplane, everyone should be able to answer the call to adventure.

That’s why we want to make extreme sports accessible, creating a series of films where an unassuming host meets with sports professionals. With them, the host will take part in wide-range of thrilling activities for the first time - learning more about extreme sports every step of the way.

The Format: 

8 x 10 Series

The Story: 

The films will open with the host meeting their guest in a relevant location, like a mountain top for paragliding or a boat for shark diving.


The host will then quiz the guest as they prepare for whatever activity they’re about to do, building rapport as they find out more about their guest’s story, why they do what they do, what it’s like, and any interesting anecdotes they may have. The host will also talk about their own feelings, including any fears and concerns they initially have.


At the climax we’ll see the pair doing the activity together, focusing on their reactions throughout. 

If possible, the host will try to explain what it’s like as its happening.


Once they’re finished, the pair will review their experience and the host will talk about what it was like doing the activity for the first time, and how their perspective on extreme sports has changed.

The films will then be brought to a close with the guest offering top tips on how to get involved.

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