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KSA looks to UK to 'share tourism experiences' for kingdom's megaprojects

Qiddiya’s state of the art motorsport complex is set to host the Saudi Arabian F1 Gran Prix from 2024

In an article written by Arabian Business, EXTREME's Founder & CEO, Alistair Gosling, speaks of how the burgeoning tourism sector with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is offering access to many “smaller” investment opportunities.

As an advisory board member of Qiddiya, the upcoming 334 square kilometre sports and entertainment giga-project, Alistair is no stranger to the incredible opportunities for growth and investment within the kingdom.

Covid-19 and resulting global lockdowns have given rise to a new age of action and adventure sports enthusiasts. With equipment sales in the kingdom skyrocketing and 50 per cent of the population being under 30, action and adventure sports are already at the forefront of investment and strategic planning.



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