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PwC to Support The Extreme Hangout, a Programme Designed to Give Youth Globally A Voice On Climate

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Extreme Hangout is pleased to announce that PwC, the global professional services network, has just become our first global supporter. They will be sponsoring our programme of 50 climate action events in 50 locations over the next 5 years, all designed to engage and inspire young people, to shake up the conversation on climate action and better hold leaders to account.

The Extreme Hangout is an event and online livestream platform for young people to share innovative ideas, get their voices heard and work collaboratively on climate solutions. Following on from the inaugural Extreme Hangout at COP26 in Glasgow in 2021, which featured 200 speakers, 5000 visitors, 500k live stream views and 5 million video impressions, The Extreme Hangout is expanding its reach by rolling out a global programme to drive debate and instigate change from the roots up.

The Extreme Hangout’s global engagement plan consists of three core elements:

  1. An anchor event at COP every year, live-streamed globally;

  2. Locally organised events all around the world, live-streamed globally;

  3. Video and voice series for year-round broadcast on multiple platforms.

Amber Nuttall, Founder, The Extreme Hangout, said:

“We are not going to get out of this mess by the same thinking that got us into it. We are on a mission to work with partners who aren’t afraid to get involved in challenging discussions and drive systemic change from the ground up. We are committed to amplifying the voices of global youth who ultimately stand to suffer the most from a lack of action around climate change.”

Richard Oldfield, Global Markets Leader, PwC UK, said:

“PwC research shows that the world needs to decarbonise 11 times faster than it has done. That scale of change is only possible with deep trust between business, governments, and citizens - with young people at the fore. That is why PwC is excited to support The Extreme Hangout and help young people engage where they belong: in the heart of efforts to tackle climate change.”

The Extreme Hangout at COP27:

The Extreme Hangout is back for COP27, and this year, it’s on the beachfront at The Park Regency, Sharm El Sheikh. The stage will host free live debates and inspiring discussions from key opinion leaders, youth climate activists, sustainability pioneers, and environmental commentators who are all on a joint-mission to amplify game-changing research and ideas helping to tackle climate change challenges. Each panel has been carefully curated by The Extreme Hangout and partners, with young people from around the world involved in every conversation. You can learn more about The Extreme Hangout this year, here.



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