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EXTREME Studios & Marketing Support Clarks CICAVERSE On Roblox

Updated: May 26, 2022

EXTREME are excited to share some of the fantastic work we have been doing with Clarks on the launch of the CICAVERSE on Roblox.

In the next phase of development of the Clarks ultimate sports shoe where you see the internationally recognised company make its mark on the action & adventure sports sector, the projects enters the Metaverse. EXTREME are proud to have played a fundamental role in bringing this campaign to life.

Step inside the Clarks Stadium and get set for the sports tournament of a lifetime! It’s time to take on your family and friends and see who can grab the highest scores – from showing off your sickest BMX tricks and breakdance skills, to racing to the Parkour finish line.

Stop by the Clarks store to power up your kicks and give your gameplay the ultimate boost, as well as make your avatar stand out from the crowd with the coolest customisations. Learn from the pros and take real-life athletes with you on your unique journey.

The Roblox CICAVERSE is here. Let’s do this! #ClarksCICAVERSE



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