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Fans of Auto Allstars and Unreel TV can now enjoy their favourite extreme sports content on LG Channels across Europe, including newly released in the UK market, to follow Germany, France and Italy.

EXTREME’s Managing Director, Media Network, Mark Dodd shared “Our nearly 20 million fanbase across our social media and FAST channels keeps growing and so too does demand for accessing our engaging and entertaining content across global platforms. Extreme and action sports know no boundaries so our partnership with LG ensures that access to these channels overcome any borders. In addition to our current line-up of channels EXTREME plans to launch a slate of entertainment, factual and lifestyle channels with a number of content partners.”

What are Auto Allstars TV and Unreel TV?

Unreel TV: Brought to you by the founders of the Extreme Sports Channel, bringing you the best action, adventure, and fun from the world of extreme and adventure sports. Whether its surf, skate or snow from the mountains to the city, Unreel features the top viral videos, captures the leading live events, the stories, determination and triumph of amazing athletes and individuals, set against a backdrop of some of the most beautiful and challenging places in the world.

Auto Allstars: Drivers, Riders and Rockstars are the heroes of EXTREME’s auto lifestyle channel, where we curate the top viral videos, capture the leading live events and show the most amazing automotive action, with supercars, bikes, boats, drones, planes and trucks, pushed to their limits. You can watch the latest auto-influencers or learn from the experts who test and review. Featuring the world’s first ‘person-sized’ drone racing and dynamic world of competitive eSports. All this woven with the rise of electric powered vehicles, tech and the future of powered travel.

Where to watch?

EXTREME is proud of the growth of these channels, designed to entertain, educate, inspire and activate the 500 million extreme and adventure sports fans across the world. Both channels can be accessed online and through connected TV platforms as FAST channels, as well as via our own OTT app.


EXTREME is a purpose driven company with a unique brand and community that lives at the intersection of adventure sports and entertainment. Our Vision is to drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports. This is realised through our integrated offer that encompasses strategy, design, development, and management of adventurous destinations, hotels and resorts, spectacular events, entertaining media, and engaging brand campaigns.

We operate around three guiding pillars; people, planet, and place. Headquartered in London with bases in Europe and the Middle East, we serve our clients through our passionate and pioneering international team. As founders of The Extreme Sports Channel, operating for over 25 years, and with the backing of Kleinwort Hambros and Soc Gen banks EXTREME is the go-to brand for authentic activation across action and adventure sports.

About LG Channels

LG Channels is LG’s exclusive free streaming service, offering a wide selection of premium live and on-demand programming, including movies, TV shows, news, sports, children’s programs, and more. With an always growing number of channels in 27 markets globally, LG TV owners can easily discover their favorite programs by launching the LG Channels application on their LG TV’s webOS platform (LG smart TV models 2016-present).



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