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EXTREME Launches New Apparel Range

EXTREME are excited to announce a new global apparel range. The new range is now launched and available on EXTREME Official Store.

The range is the first step into a plan of multiple ranges and product types that can be worn by athletes across all action sport disciplines. The EXTREME brand brings together athletes, fans and action seeking individuals, who showcase their passion and creativity. The range harnesses the brands icon heritage and street style, and as the sports continue gaining popularity, EXTREME wants to provide quality performance clothing that showcase the creativity and uniqueness of these sports while still providing collectiveness and belonging.

As part of the EXTREME values, being mindful to others and the planet is the core of all our activities. From manufacturing to packing and distribution, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and sustainable standard by using only 100% cotton and recycled materials, work toward building healthy environmental supply practices and use water-based inks. We are also proud to continue being part of the 1% for the Planet Network, allowing us to drive positive change for the planet and the people.

Having now launched the product range on our social channels and website, our next goal is to find retail partners to reach even wider audiences. If you are in a retail industry and would like our new action peaked collection to be part of your store, feel free to contact us!

Don’t forget to order yours and become part of EXTREME crew!



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