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EXTREME joins forces with Clarks for the release of their ultimate multi-sports shoe.

EXTREME are excited to announce that we have entered into a global marketing partnership with Clarks that will see the internationally recognised shoe company make its mark on the action & adventure sports sector. Through the collaboration, EXTREME will promote this venture via the ambassador sponsorship programme, content production, distribution, and marketing, whilst also providing Clarks support with its more than 25 years of experience of how best to navigate the world of action & adventure sports.

Over the past year there has been a proliferation in participation rates across action sports such as skateboarding and surf. Covid-19 and resulting lockdowns have caused local areas around the world to be flooded by a new generation of thrill seekers. This, partnered with the inclusion of skateboarding, BMX, sport climbing, and surfing in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, means there is now no better time to a release a shoe that caters for athletes and enthusiasts who are breaking the mould and paving the way in non-mainstream sports.

As an organisation that prides themselves on their heritage, Clarks’ expertise and knowledge has been passed on through many generations. The highest quality is demonstrated in all their shoes, with ranges such as the Desert Boot and Wallabee maintaining popularity and standing the test of time.

Clarks have combined their rich history of shoe making with a vision to expand their offering to a new demographic and the result is the CICA range, a nod to the past but also a look forward to the future of footwear. The range will see Clarks broadening their brand appeal and catering to an entirely new audience. The release of the range will be driven through five chosen disciplines: skateboarding, BMX, parkour, freestyle football, and breakdancing. These sports can be demanding on the body and the CICA range has been designed to offer full support and instil trust in their wearers, allowing them to push the boundaries of their sport.

EXTREME will provide a fully integrated marketing program that not only draws on its existing online presence the reaches over 100 million people per month, but also attracts a much broader lifestyle audience around the sports. The launch will centre around five athletes across the different disciplines to promote the new ultimate action sports shoe. The athletes in partnership are:

  • Kieran Reilly - BMX

  • Antoine Hesse – Skateboarding

  • Robbie Griffith – Parkour

  • B Girl Terra – Breaking

  • Sixtine De Mareschal – Freestyle Football

Ryan Maxwell, Managing Director – Marketing & Partnerships for EXTREME said, “Clarks are an incredibly well-known brand that carry an amazing heritage. It is exciting for EXTREME to be able to support them throughout this venture. Following the success of their iconic ranges such as the Wallabee or Desert boot we are thrilled to be a part of this new chapter”.

Tara McRae, Chief Marketing Officer for Clarks commented: “EXTREME will be supporting  Clarks throughout the process of creating the ultimate multi-sports shoe. As a company with an incredibly successful background in marketing and content creating, EXTREME is set to revolutionise Clarks’ vison to expand into the world of action sports.”


Ryan Maxwell, Managing Director Marketing & Partnerships | +44 (0) 207 244 1000 | +44 (0) 7828 503 662 


EXTREME's Marketing Services Division connects brands to fans through passion and experiences. It works with clients and agency partners and enables them to tap into EXTREME's brand presence and array of ongoing marketing initiatives which deliver a clear reason for people to engage, collaborate and hang out with a brand which ultimately drives engagement, loyalty, and new business.

EXTREME grants access to brand ambassadors, engaging fans through its portfolio of events and using idea creation, storytelling, branded content, and amplification across its consumer touch points.

About  Clarks

Clarks are an independent international brand and design company that appreciate high quality and standard of products. Clarks use advanced techniques, technologies, and contemporary materials to deliver tailor made shoes for the modern developing world. 

Clarks have historically been inventors, making ground-breaking discoveries. This started from the first slipper being invented by Cyrus and James Clark in 1825, which has fast forwarded to today’s underfoot cautioning, rapid 3D printing and re-branding campaign with EXTREME.



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