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EXTREME are delighted for Alistair Gosling & Ben Barker to speak at the Uzakrota Travel Summit

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I am delighted to be speaking alongside Ben Barker at the Uzakrota Travel Summit on 02 December, 10am GMT.

Since 2010, the Uzakrota Travel Summit has connected the most influential professionals in the global travel and tourism industry. This year, as a result of the lockdown we’ve been compelled to make sweeping changes in our travel habits, so more than ever it is an imperative time to meet and discuss the future of the tourism industry.

The focal point of our discussion will be around adventure and extreme sports development during the pandemic and postpandemic period. We will consider how, as the fastest growing sector in tourism, extreme and adventure travel will become vital for the tourism industry as we see the focus of consumers shifting to outdoor activities after life in lockdown.

Please find more information about the summit and sign up here:

There is no better time for us than now to rethink, rebuild and revive together.



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