Updated: Apr 28

EXTREME are excited to announce EXTREME Connect, one of the world’s first eSIM enabled global mobile networks, that will launch on the 27th April 2021, after two years of development.

If you love action sports, adventure, and have a passion for the outdoors and our environment, EXTREME Connect is the network for you. Whether you’re on the ocean, in the mountains, or just chilling at home EXTREME Connect will keep you dialled in.

As a new challenger network Extreme Connect is global, sustainable, and able to get you connected immediately from anywhere in the world via our app and virtual eSIM system.

Launching with data packages each EXTREME Connect member will have access in over 110 countries, with further fully localised services and local numbers in 9 countries: UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Australia & Hong Kong.

These benefits have been developed carefully and over time to best serve EXTREME Connect’s community of travel & adventure lifestyle lovers. So, wherever you're based we've got you covered with our full suite of great customer service, cracking prices and brilliant offers.

EXTREME Connect operates via eSIM, the global cloud based virtual SIM card system that is embedded into your phone and it represents a new revolution in mobile technology that allows users to access their mobile plans without the need for a physical SIM.