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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

EXTREME are excited to announce EXTREME Connect, one of the world’s first eSIM enabled global mobile networks, that will launch on the 27th April 2021, after two years of development.

If you love action sports, adventure, and have a passion for the outdoors and our environment, EXTREME Connect is the network for you. Whether you’re on the ocean, in the mountains, or just chilling at home EXTREME Connect will keep you dialled in.

As a new challenger network Extreme Connect is global, sustainable, and able to get you connected immediately from anywhere in the world via our app and virtual eSIM system.

Launching with data packages each EXTREME Connect member will have access in over 110 countries, with further fully localised services and local numbers in 9 countries: UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Australia & Hong Kong.

These benefits have been developed carefully and over time to best serve EXTREME Connect’s community of travel & adventure lifestyle lovers. So, wherever you're based we've got you covered with our full suite of great customer service, cracking prices and brilliant offers.

EXTREME Connect operates via eSIM, the global cloud based virtual SIM card system that is embedded into your phone and it represents a new revolution in mobile technology that allows users to access their mobile plans without the need for a physical SIM.

To activate an account a customer simply needs to download the app, choose a plan, and connect in minutes without ever having to go to a physical store or wait for delivery.

As part of EXTREME’s mission to protect our planet, this eSIM offering is a necessary step for the global climate action movement to halt the production of plastic SIM cards that have been demonstrated to produce over 70,000 tonnes of Co2 per year.

EXTREME have partnered with “The Planet Mark” to measure our environmental impact, Patagonia inspired 1% for the planet movement, which commits us to give 1% of our annual revenue to environmental non-profit organisations, United Nations “Sports for Climate Action” which commits us to raise awareness about climate change and promotes sustainable and responsible consumption through the power of sport and adventure.

To guide us on our sustainability mission we have aligned with four of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs); 3. ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, 10. reduce inequality within and among countries, 14. conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development, 15. protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradations and halt biodiversity loss.

EXTREME saw an opportunity to create a challenger mobile network that disrupts the current status quo by delivering in a more sustainable and convenient solution.

This idea became EXTREME Connect.

With 80 direct global roaming agreements agreed too, EXTREME Connect offers high streaming speeds and reduced latency wherever the user requires it. Alongside this is a flexible billing option which allows you to top-up and add more data without a subscription or the need for Wi-Fi which means no daily charges while roaming or losing money every time you cross a border.

To further develop this offering, EXTREME Connect will also operate a mobile shop through which users can purchase the latest mobile phones and accessories that focus on the areas of: durability, portability, and sustainability which are key to their requirements.

Alistair Gosling, CEO & Founder of EXTREME said, “We are incredibly excited to finally be announcing EXTREME Connect after it has so long been in development. Mobile technology has become an absolutely vital aspect of modern life, and the current SIM offering does not reflect the progression we have seen across other aspects of mobile tech. We believe that eSIM technology represents this step forward and we are committed to providing the best possible mobile experience for our customers”.

Notes to Editors


EXTREME is a unique brand, community and purpose driven company that lives at the nexus of sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. Our Vision is to drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports. This is realised through our integrated approach that encompasses strategy, design, development, and management of some of the world's most innovative destinations, spectacular events, entertaining media, and engaging brand campaigns.

As founders of The Extreme Sports Channel, operating for over 25 years and appealing to the 500 million participants worldwide EXTREME is the go-to company for authentic activation across action and adventure sports. We engage with our 20 million strong community through our collection of offers and we serve our clients through our passionate, creative, and specialist teams and a multinational presence across bases in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Via our support of over 125 ambassadors, the activation and sponsorship of over 80 events annually and our media network delivering over 50 million video views monthly, our brand and marketing activity inspires, supports, and promotes all of EXTREME’s activities.

We are purpose driven, so across everything we do we look to drive sport participation, an active and healthy lifestyle, job creation, infrastructure investment and tourism, whilst aligning with five key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and government agendas from around the world. With a real passion and commitment to be sustainable, we are signed up to Planet Mark to measure our impact, 1% For The Planet to give back and the UN’s Sports for Climate Action to drive awareness.


To drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports


Inspire to explore and experience

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