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EXTREME Brand Update - Q1 2022



Contrary to what has been seen as a particularly turbulent period for the adventure tourism industry, the EXTREME Destinations team, led by Managing Director Ben Barker, have experienced one of their busiest years to date. Through various site visits, prospecting and deal-making, the team have delivered their expertise in consulting and advising destinations on how best to leverage this rising desire for adventure travel.

Ben’s recent visit to Costa Rica in December 2021 encapsulated the level of appetite and opportunity. Travelling first to Monteverde in the Puntarenas Province, a place worlds away from the country’s famous beaches, the thick forests inspire thoughts of ziplines, tree-top climbing facilities and cycle tours. Journeying north-west to the world-renowned surfing and kitesurfing beaches around the Santa Rosa National Park, Ben was struck by the incredible diversity that Costa Rica has to offer.

Leveraging the natural topography of the land is an ideal that has become central to the desires of collaborators and as an adventure tourism utopia, Costa Rica has shown glimmers of how working with, not against wildlife and nature can set the foundations for successful tourism for decades to come. By what he saw and experienced in Monteverde, Ben believes that the country now requires burgeoning infrastructure and investment to support the huge upswelling in desire in creating sustainable tourism opportunities.

The areas in which the EXTREME Destinations team offers deep expertise and experience is now receiving recognition from tourism authorities around the world. By offering feasible alternatives to the huge resorts and hotels that dominate many countries’ coastal areas, EXTREME is looking to inspire a new generation of adventurers and thrill seekers. The EXTREME Destinations team is a crew of passionate travellers looking to inspire people to step outside, try something different and become part of the new wave of explorers looking for the experience of a lifetime.

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EXTREME International first introduced extreme action sports entertainment to a worldwide TV audience 25 years ago and has since then been a leader in this sector.

This November, EXTREME’s influence spread even further with the launch of its Media Network of channels, across millions of connected TV’s and mobile devices, capable of streaming through the latest OTT technology. Comprising of Free-to-view streaming (FAST) channels, along with AVOD and SVOD content, the network is dedicated to the 100’s of millions of extreme sports fans across the globe with the spotlight firmly on inspiration, entertainment and activation.

Of the several new channels to be launched, UNREEL and Auto Allstars have been born out of highly successful social media pages, both of which have seen phenomenal growth over the last few years, combining to deliver an average of over 200 million video views per month. The channel content is also becoming available directly to our followers, via our Facebook fans subscription pages.

With the network already available in the UK and Ireland on Netgem TV, AVO.TV and delivering remarkable success, it will shortly be available in the USA, via LG TVs. In 2022 EXTREME is looking forward to a new year of increased distribution across the globe, bringing new and exciting sports, esports, lifestyle documentaries and experiences to a larger digital community. Whether its physically, via video, or even in the Metaverse, EXTREME’s reputation for delivering the most entertaining extreme and adventure sports is set to be reborn in 2022.

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2021 and the easing of global lockdowns saw the return of live events. A welcome reprise for all, for the team at EXTREME Events it also enabled the opportunity to be part of a series of projects. Having relocated to Riyadh in the early stages of 2021, the team led by Managing Director James Cooke-Priest, found incredible success in 2021, supporting and delivering burgeoning projects throughout both the Kingdom and worldwide.

As part of the 2021/2022 Riyadh Season, the EXTREME Events team were brought in to develop and manage the Zipline Dune Storm at the Combat Field. From managing the build of the facility to delivering health and safety, the zipline was a huge success and at 200 metre long, gave visitors the thrill that has come to be expected from EXTREME International. More recently, in the first half of January, the team was invited to develop the main stage and deliver the live shows as well as to manage driving experiences at Autoville: The Saudi International Motor Show.

As we look forward to all that this new year has in store, there are two projects that are truly enabling the versatility, skill, and organisational capabilities of the EXTREME Events team. The first major project is WWD presents. Licensed and fully delivered by EXTREME International, WWD Presents is set to mark that arrival of the international fashion and beauty scene in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in November. Secondly, in an extremely exciting partnership, the team has partnered with Mclaren to bring the Logitech McLaren G Challenge to Saudi Arabia in 2022.

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Whilst the SEC Arena in Glasgow played host to world leaders and delegates for the annual Conference of the Parties (COP), less than a mile away the Renfrew Ferry was the site of the EXTREME Hangout. Inspired by a love of adventure sports and a passion to protect the very environments in which our sports take place, EXTREME made it its mission to give the youth a voice at COP26 and beyond.

Supported by our incredible sponsors and partners the EXTREME Hangout hosted 200 speakers over the course of 56 sessions, all of which were livestreamed out to a global audience. The Hangout received over 200 pieces of press coverage and the livestream itself received 550,000 views and 5 million