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Extreme and Adventure Sports- the future of KSA tourism

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It was fantastic to see the Minister of Tourism of Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Ahmad Al-Khateeb and EXTREME founder and CEO, Alistair Gosling, meet at The World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland to discuss the development of Tourism in the Kingdom and how as the fastest growing tourism segment, extreme and adventure sports can be utilised to drive tourism, diversify the economy and fulfil the 2030 Vision.

With the kingdom continuing to drive and build its position as one of world’s most beautiful and diverse tourist destinations, extreme and adventure sports will provide an essential platform through which the Kingdom can showcase its incredible and undiscovered topographies and warm hospitality.

As well as this, these sports, the story telling and the adventure on offer will attract a young diverse demographic of tourists to the county and create unforgettable memories for them to take back with them and share with their peers long into the future.

At EXTREME we look forward to continuing to work with the many governmental boards and committees that are striving towards the 2030 vision and ensure we use the full extent of our expertise in adventure travel to help achieve this mission.



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