Justin “Jay” Briggs and Robert Wall: First-ever Freestyle Cliff Jumpers to join EXTREME

“Excursion Always is at the forefront of the rising sport of cliff jumping,” the team’s manager, Hope Lane, explains. “Joining with EXTREME is a huge step for us, as well as for the sport of cliff jumping. Our dream is to establish cliff jumping to be as respected as any other extreme sport, alongside with surfing, BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, etc. They were all once just pastime passions for people, misunderstood by so many – like cliff jumping”

Robert Wall & Jay Briggs in Colorado; Photo by Macauley Mathieu-Busher (@macdog_outside)

Jay Briggs grew up in Pleasant Hill, California. When he was 22, Briggs received a GoPro as a gift and thought, “Well I gotta do something cool with this.” He decided to join a few friends at a nearby river. He had never really explored waterfalls or swimming holes before, and had definitely never had any previous training or experience in cliff jumping, but when he looked over the edge of a 20-foot jump, everything changed.

Jay Briggs at Abiqua Falls, Oregon; Photo by : @bumpalacemedia

Robert Wall grew up in the small city of Redding in the North end of Sacramento Valley. Nestled below Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen, Redding surrounded young Wall with waterfalls and swimming holes. Every Spring from the age of 10 on, Robert and his friends could be found playing on a 5-foot jump at a local swimming hole. He indulged his interests by creating short video edits of his friends and himself doing flips on trampolines, off trees, and on the streets. By age 18, Robert was returning to those local waterfalls and swimming holes, taking his flips and his videography to new heights.

Robert Wall with Jay Briggs, Alex Shirley & Mike Larson in Milos, Greece; Photo by: Hope Lane (@hopeisdopee)

Jay Briggs and Robert Wall became friends through Instagram adventure groups. These groups branch throughout the US with the same goal: to discover the most beautiful waterfalls, hot springs, swimming holes, and cliff jumping spots around the world, together.

Crew at McCloud Falls, California

Through cliff jumping, Jay Briggs has traveled to over 10 U.S. states and three countries in the past year. Briggs also participated in the first U.S. freestyle cliff jumping competition, Colorado Cliff Cruise 2017, hosted by professional high diver and sponsored cliff diver Travis Sims.

Robert Wall’s passion for cliff jumping led to his selection as one of 15 winners globally for Volcom’s #ThisFirst contest, which landed him a $5,000 grant to support his cliff jumping and lead him the opportunity to film in Greece where he could experience the cultural difference in the Cliff Jumping scene. Robert also competed in and won 1st place in the Colorado Cliff Cruise 2017 competition.

Nick Croulter, Robert Wall & Jay Briggs, Photo by Zack Liptak : (@zaplipzach)

Briggs and Wall are part of the first documented jumps of Havasupai Falls (100 feet, AZ), Abiqua Falls (95 feet, OR), and Koosah Falls (70 feet, Oregon). “We are pioneering the sport of cliff jumping, and are more than ecstatic to start this journey with EXTREME.”

Robert Wall, Photo by : Bill Church (@billchurchphoto)

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