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RadCow project hits 70 MILLION views

EXTREME partnered with Radcow by posting one of their latest crazy projects.

The video went massively viral with 60 million views, 2.6 million reactions, and a total viewing time of close to 40 million minutes. That's the equivalent of 80 YEARS OF TOTAL VIEWING TIME! Not to mention the statistics are still growing every day....

Radcow are an amateur extreme sports and adventure crew that focus on creating and documenting original content. Team member Charles Dauzet gave us an insight into how they formed and what they aim to achieve as a group.

"We are group of friends from the Cantal region in France. We always loved adrenaline and extreme sports, skiing in particular.

In 2015 we started to make videos under the name RadCow. Our concept is to re-invent extreme sports and create original videos and events. We are a group of about 10 people from 20 to 25 years old. We only do that for fun, it's not our job!"

In the epic video, the guys build a HUGE waterslide leading into a lake just beside a local music festival they collaborated with for the project.

It took them 7 days of work to build this beast of a waterslide and people from the festival could enjoy the slide for free during the event.

This is not one of their first viral videos, they're expertise in building cool stuff from scratch is simply unbelievable! Make sure to check out their FB page for more.

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