Jimmy Warhol Live Painting at Dew Tour

It’s a wrap.. DewTour concluded its journey celebrating some of the greatest skateboarders around along with the stunning location Long Beach, California. This year, one of the main sponsors STANLEY in partnership with EXTREME, decided to recall the importance of art in skateboarding, by bringing the creative & colourful style of Jimmy Warhol along.

“Art is my purpose” this is how Jimmy presents himself to the crowds and what has pushed him to join the STANLEY movement during the event. “Art isn’t just something to be good at, it is an extension of ourselves and our creative personalities…just like skateboarding.” The American artist painted 50 individual skateboarding decks and stuck them together to form a unique piece of art.

People were stoked to see the artist smoothly painting and taking the artwork to its final conclusion. Dewtour isn’t just a skate competition, its an experience. This is why STANLEY & Jimmy decided to give the spectators a chance to win one of the painted decks at the end of the event. A great way for people to take away a true memento from the event and to engage with the brand & artist.

Check out more of Jimmy’s work here


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