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Miles and miles along the sea …in fact 25,000 miles

So, I am gonna tell you a little bit about this Dutch couple I met earlier this year, they are the kind of people you just want to be! Rinus and Helga have been living the dream for almost three years. And by living the dream, I mean overlanding round the world in their Toyota Land Cruiser Troop from Australia to the Netherlands via Africa. These guys are almost back home now, last time I spoke to Rinus he was in Vienna- worlds apart from the dusty Saharan desert!

How did they do it? Essentially they bought a truck, with a pretty neat built in roof tent and kitted it out with all the necessities one would need for crossing deserts, mountains, rivers, snow, in fact they faced all the elements several times over during the past three years.

I asked Rinus and Helga how they were feeling, now that they are coming to the end of their EPIC road trip and they said “We might regret the day we stop traveling, but we’ll never regret the travels we did.”

Advice from the Dutchy’s

Traveling off the beaten track can be challenging and risky sometimes, but everywhere we went we felt embraced with warmth, enthusiasm end friendliness. Overwhelming at times, but so worth it!

I think especially in times like these, where the world may seem divided in parts, often unstable, where innocent lives are being taken for no reason, it is truly wonderful to hear that over three of the largest continents on earth Rinus and Helga have been received and greeted with such kindness and openness no matter the creed nor the colour.


Please see their links below to find out more about this adventurous pair!

FB travel page: Get out there and experience our amazing beautiful world first hand, don’t be afraid and only regret the things you never did.

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