Revolutionizing Storing, Racking, and Displaying Surfboards in the 21st Century

The 21st century introduced us to a bunch of wonderful innovations that are helpful and useful to extreme sports junkies. From those on Stab Mag’s list of the best mobile phone apps that enhance your surfing experience, to cameras, drones, and wearable technologies that capture every move, we live in a vibrant digital era. It allowed many other pioneers to discover industry-defining advancements that shape how we live, surf, and enjoy our extreme sports.

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There are so-called disruptors, avid surfers and contemporary scientists, who have connived to come up with what they call the "Perfect Wave", a miniature artificial pool that mimics real-life – not to mention challenging – barrels. On the flipside, there are those who launch a somewhat trivial campaign to alleviate the burdens of,

well, storing, racking, and displaying surfboards.

Introducing the AIR Surf Rack

AIR Surf Rack was recently introduced as a Kickstarter promotion to take surfboard storage and display to another level. Nathaniel Kovari, the creator, developed the concept of racking the surfboards in such a way that it seems to be floating on the wall.

The way it complements every board’s unique design is an art form in itself; similar to how exhibitors feature a painting in a gallery or a museum.

According to Kovari: “As a surfer and a designer, I always thought that surfboards had a natural design that could and should be displayed better.” He added: “When I started to play around with the idea and saw the outcome, I thought maybe there was something bigger there.”

Significant Characteristics and What the Future has in Store

Photo: kickstarter.com

Aside from the basics, an AIR Surf Rack’s key features are as follows:

  • It is the first and only surfboard holder that has a lighting feature, it has 12V low voltage components, and it is compatible with smart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions.

  • This 21st century rack also has a 100-240V wall adapter and a dimmer switch, as well as remote controlled LEDs.

With regards to large stand-up paddleboards and single fin boards, Kovari and his team of engineers are currently in the planning and designing stage of this new concept. Considering the rate of their output, it probably won’t be long before these new designs hit the Kickstarter platform and the global market.

In Conclusion

Photo: surfer.com

From light up surfboard racks to waterproof gadgets to even downloadable apps for smartphones, these modern-day inventions are cool, which is why more and more developers are leaning towards this mobile-slash- digital technology. They all run parallel to each other in such a way that the popularity of surfing-based smartphone apps spurs the development of state-of- the-art devices, and vice versa. It happens regularly not just on Kickstarter, but in other digital channels as well.

Leading tech company Gaming Realms stated: “consumers have changed their media consumption habits.” The UK-based company, which created the online gaming portal Slingo, also has a surfing-themed slots game called Wipeout, even states that 80% of people nowadays are geared towards technology. This means that we truly are in the midst of a 21st century digital and industrial revolution.

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