Wakeboarding and Water jumps at Bolesworth International Horse Show

This June 17th and 18th, the Pro Wakeboard Tour will be visiting the prestigious Bolesworth International Horse Show. In front of Bolesworth Castle, the picturesque lake will be transformed into a stunning Water Festival Zone where top wake boarders with the likes of Jack and Joey Battleday, Ryan and Liam Peacock (two of EXTREME’s ambassadors), Matty Muncey, Blair Fraser and Alfie Constable will all be on site showcasing their skills.

The eclectic mix of dressage, show jumpers, along with hard core, steazy wake boarders will certainly make for an interesting day out. At the water festival zone, the competitors will be pulling out all kinds tricks and stunts including moves like Moby Dicks, Tantrums and Tootsie Rolls to name a few.

A Sesitec System 2.0 cable tow will pull the boarders through the water, where they will use floating ramps, jumps and obstacles to perform their tricks. It will be a head to head battle, with an X factor esque judging panel to keep the crowd informed of the results, and who is progressing to the next round.

And on top of all of this, when the wakeboarding competition isn’t running, the public will be allowed to have “have a go”, but be sure to get down there early as there is only a limited supply – cost is £20 and includes all you need for your first wake board, other activities to get involved in are SUP (standup paddle boarding) and water zorbing…

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