• Emily Hunter

Andri Ragettli smashed the Quad Cork 1800

18 year old, Swiss freestyle skier Andri Ragettli broke records yesterday by performing the first ever quad cork 1800.

It’s the 2017 Suzuki Nine Royals in Watles, South Italy. Day one of the competition and Ragettli has set the bar pretty high. To fully understand what it means …its five full rotations, four off axis flips in one, at the same time flying 35 meters over the Suzuki Nine Royals snow feature.

WOW! Total respect for this kid! EXTREME are pretty excited to see what this Swiss freestyler is going to pop out next.

Andri received high praise yesterday from the founder of Nine Royals, Nico Zacek “The trick was picture perfect. Bluebird conditions and excellently executed”

Ragettli was pumped to land the trick: “I didn’t plan on doing this trick, but it was the perfect day and the biggest and best jump that I have ever jumped. I was feeling it and I am super happy that it work out right away!”

This trick has been the nemesis of every Freestyle skier since British snowboarder Billy Morgen pulled off a backside quad cork 1800 back in 2015.

Famous for its ground-breaking courses, Suzuki Nine Royals hosts a week of photo shoots, filming and record breaking, for the most talented male and female skiers and snowboarders around.


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