Extreme Hotels, one of the world's most ground breaking hotel brands and Best Management Group, one of Australiaís leading hotel management companies are very pleased to announce they are going to develop and roll out Extreme Hotels across Australia together.

The Extreme Group of companies and Extreme Sports Channel was founded by Al Gosling in 1995 and was born from a fundamental passion for extreme sports and a vision to inspire people to go out, explore and experience the sports, the music, the fashion and the way of life that we love and the Extreme brand represents. With the Extreme Sports Channel broadcasting into over 60 countries, 14 languages and millions of homes around the world and the constant 24/7 exposure that the Extreme brand receives via this we have been able to build a family of branded businesses and move into a number of relevant areas that fit with our brand our vision and our mission. Today Extreme businesses cover: Hotels, TV, Restaurants, drinks, clothing, footwear, eyewear, watches, high street and online stores, travel and experiences, a mobile network, pre-pay credit cards and theme parks and operate in 70 countries around the world.

Extreme Hotelís vision is to inspire our guests to explore and experience everything the Extreme brand is about by creating a collection of cutting edge extreme sports inspired hotels around the world that are totally different from the standard bland ëme-tooí hotel chains out there today.

We are achieving this by providing our guests with an inspiring experience; not just a place to stay and delivering great service, tasty food, a killer bar, high quality innovative design, cutting edge technology and as youíd expect the best local advice and access to extreme sports facilities, packages and equipment for all our guests. Weíre talking about channeling the passion and exhilaration of extreme sports and unleashing it into the conservative world of hotels.

Located in the some of the finest beach, mountain, snow and urban destinations around the world, and aimed at everyone who is looking for something away from the norm and who lives, loves and revels in the music, the fashion, the travel, and the adventures that the lifestyle that surrounds the sports delivers

Extreme Hotels is now set to expand in and around Australia, in partnership with Best Management Group which is long established in the region, run by a great team, has a great track record and already operates a boutique range of properties comprising 846 rooms on the eastern seaboard, with a similar number at varying stages of development.

'We see the EXTREME Hotels brand having tremendous capacity for growth in this region due the raw, inspiring and irreverent essence of the EXTREME brand and how well it fits with many of our local destinations' said Catterall. We already have an established client base of developers and investors who see merit in applying the unique and internationally appealing EXTREME brand. The potential to revitalise established properties and develop exciting new hotels from the ground up is hugeî stated David Catterall.

'What can I say? We have found great people to make this happen with in Australia and what a great country to be rolling out Extreme Hotels in, not only is this one of the worldís leading extreme sports destinations, but it personifies what the Extreme brand is all about.

Our mission is to deliver hotels that inspire and revolutionize whatís on offer in the market today and with Best Managements network and skills, our Extreme Hotels brand and our joint experience we are perfectly positioned to deliver on our vision, move into Australia, ride the wave of attention that the Extreme brand is attracting and totally deliver for both our guests and our property partners alikeî Said Al Gosling, Founder and CEO of Extreme.

David Catterall CEO of Best Management added The Extreme Group has thrown out the rulebook, and created a hotel brand which sets pulses racing and offers adventure and comfort in equal measure. Extremeís relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries, fostering innovation in design and delivering high quality products are what attracted us to move on this partnership. In doing so, together we will deliver a collection of hotels which really offer something new and capture the essence of the Extreme brand and what itís all about.

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