Extreme Element, the UK's leading extreme sport and experience specialist, have launched a new campaign focusing around a strong message to 'do something you have never done before', looking at a 'have you ever?' approach to extreme sports.

The campaign has been launched initially through Facebook, with exciting extreme sports prizes and experiences up for grabs. The winners - which could be you and a friend - can go and play a significant role in the Extreme Element Community. All you have to do is write about your experience and take some photos, which will be posted on the Extreme Element Facebook fan page, before the next amazing adventure in the massive give away competition is launched!

To be part of the Extreme Element community and be in on the action, go to the Extreme Element Fan Page on this link: www.facebook.com/exelement

Don't be left behind and go 'do something you have never done before'!

Whether you want to experience Bungee Jumping, Coasteering, Driving Experiences, Windsurfing, Mixed Martial Arts, Scuba Diving, Sphereing, Yachting, Mountain Boarding or Flying, anything is possible with Extreme Element, see the website for more information of the full extreme sports and experiences available. www.exelement.com


Extreme Element's mission statement and philosophy have always been about wanting to promote the learning of extreme sports through various courses and encourage the taking part in extreme experiences across the UK and Europe.

Further Extreme Element developments will be confirmed over the next few months.

A brief history of Extreme Elements success

Extreme Element launch in November 2006 by Tim Brickle (Director & Founder) and Al Gosling (CEO Extreme Group)

The launch of sister company 'Experience-Days' (www.experiencedays.co.uk) in April 2007 to cater for the non-extreme market.

Securing of 'gift cards' availability in all major supermarkets in June 2007.

Damian 'Pipa' Nogaro (MD) INSEAD MBA comes to co-run business with Tim in July 2007.

Launch of the ex-pack for Xmas 2007, which makes the presentation of the experiences booked unrivalled by any other brand.

The launch of Extreme Element (www.ex-element.es) in April 2008 specifically catering for the Spanish market and travelling Brits.

Launch of 'Book&Go' allowing people to book specific times and dates online solely in September 2008.

Own exclusive Extreme Element Events (Ex-Series) development launched with Bungee and Mountain boarding day.

The customer can get the best experience, in their favourite extreme sport with their treasured brand 'Extreme Element', an ideal mix of expert tuition and brand experience at its absolute best.

Extreme Element has always been at the forefront of the experience creation with further developments in 2009


Extreme Element is part of the Extreme Group, which includes the Extreme Sports Channel, Extreme Pie, Extreme Hotels, Ex Drinks, Extreme MOB and Ex Stores, among others.

For further information about Extreme Element and interview requests please speak to Rebecca Richardson on 012373 467 568 or 0790 488 6462, rebecca@southcoastcommunications.com

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