Well it was a big risk but then the Extreme Group love a good risk!!

To think translating what was originally an irreverent TV channel brand into a branded hotel, they must be mad. Well, they are and itís proven not just a massively successful move, but also a groundbreaking one and theyíve got the figures to prove it!

Yep, The first Extreme Hotel opened its doors onto the kickiní Cape Town scene on the 1st November 2006, and has since gone on and smashed all its sales targets stunning everyone involved, not least the CEO and Founder of the Extreme Group, Al Gosling who stated, 'This really has taken us all by surprise. We knew we had to do something pretty special with the hotel to be taken seriously in order to extend the brand into this particular sector. However, we never expected to receive such a positive response from both a media and consumer perspective of which has converted financially, weíre all absolutely chuffed.'

Having rolled out on the 1st November 2006, the hotelís sales have surpassed the initial aggressive budget after only five months of trading. In 2007 they have skyrocketed well beyond the managements forecasted sales targets. For the three months to end of March 2007, total revenue exceeded their budgeted revenue target by 26% Önot bad I think youíll agree. Furthermore, because of this success Al is heading out to Dubai to speak at the third annual Arabian Hotel Investment Conference held 28th ñ 30th April 2007.

Obviously thereís a number of contributing factors to this success, such as quality customer service delivered, the extensive range of local activities provided in association with the hotel (such as bungee-jumping, shark-diving, and even a spin in a British fighter jet), and not forgetting the hotel itself; oozing adrenaline it boasts a five storey climbing wall on the hotel exterior, glass wall between the restaurant and the swimming pool so diners can watch their fellow guests swim, and elevators made from recycled shark-diving cages and Alpine cable cars. Itís clear, the overall success of this new venture has been down to the superb quality and delivery of the concept by Protea, our operating partner, and the power and kudos of the Extreme brand.

The Extreme Hotels brand has become a big, big hit with folks from all walks of life, many of whom were intrigued to see how the established Extreme brand has been translated within the hotel sector, still keeping with its core values of Vision, Passion, Freedom, and Irreverence. These people have not been disappointed, enjoying the first boutique hotel aimed exclusively at extreme sports enthusiasts.

This is the dawn of a groundbreaking movement for the Extreme Group, and their first hotel is at the pinnacle of this motionÖ Extreme Hotels are very much ëbreaking the mouldí and we love it!!

What the press have been saying.



What the people have been saying.

"...you have a brilliant concept going with the extreme hotels. It is one of the freshest and funkiest concepts I have seen for a while and I must say was grinning from ear to ear reading through the site for the CPT hotel. I wish you all the best for the future and every success for both your CPT hotel and future hotels."

Director of Sales and Marketing Oman World Tourism L.L.C

Biz Opportunities:

With a clear market positioning and target audience craving this product, thereís obviously a bunch load of opportunities to rapidly expand this adrenaline oozed hotels chain worldwide. Hence the Extreme Hotels groovers and shakers are looking for hotel operating partners and property owners on a territorial and exclusive basis to work with them to grow the business and brand around the world, namely across surf, snow and urban environments where extreme sports are part of the culture.

For more information about Extreme Hotels contact:

Gemma Parkinson, (t): +44 (0) 207 244 1000 (e): gemma@extremeinternational.com or visit www.extremeinternational.com

Notes to editors:

Extreme Hotels

The first Extreme Hotel opened itís doors on the 1st November 2006 in Cape Town, SA and is an all-new 130-bedroom hotel located on the foot of Table Mountain giving great access to all thatís on offer. To give you a taster, the bedrooms have an extra length king size bed, walk in shower, complimentary wireless Internet access and flat screen LCD TV, etc. The hotel extras include a 5-storey climbing wall on the outside of the building, ëBoseí sound room for guest use, 6 sound & vision chairs, swimming pool that changes colour and has underwater music, pool deck that overlooks Table Mountain, non-smoking public area with a dedicated smoking room and a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner restaurant offering ëthe whole shebangí.

How did we do it you ask? WellÖ Extreme Group; one of the worldís fastest growing youth focused brands, and Protea Hotels; Africaís leading hotel operator have all got together to make it happen and are now seeking further funding for this new (Ad)Venture, to create and roll out the new groundbreaking and revolutionary hotel chain, Extreme Hotels.

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